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Pyroelectricity of loop of combination of vapour of heat and power plant burning
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The smokeless dirt, broken bits that do not have ash, without 2 oxidation sulfur, without noise, discharge 1.75 million tons of carbon dioxide than decreasing every year with photograph of coal fired power plant, with heat addition boiler photograph comparing reduces soot every year nearly 2600 tons... today, beijing can the production that chief introduced this heat and power plant to the reporter related heat and power plant of gas of Gong Ran of group Beijing sun and environmental protection circumstance.

According to introducing, sun palace lights gas heat and power plant to be located in countryside of palace of sunny area sun, class of two 350 thousand kilowatt lights outfit machine gas, generation set of vapour combination loop, net of heat addition heating generating capacity 800 thousand kilowatt, generating capacity is what at present Beijing uses electric bear on average about very one of. Project in July 2006 start working is built, the bottom was lighted 1 number 2007 machine and the net tries move, 2 aircrew are all and formal in May 2008 put into production generates electricity.

Palace heat and power plant is assuming the sun to be heat addition of Olympic Games place, for the Olympic Games escorted the Emperor 2008 the action of convoy, wait for power supply of Olympic Games place and circumjacent area heat addition to cubic metre of bird's nest, water directly. Sun palace lights the heat addition ability of gas heat and power plant to be 10 million square metre, heat addition area amounts to 40 square kilometer. If according to area of every housing heat addition 100 square metre are calculated, aux will be able to satisfies the heating requirement of 100 thousand dweller quite.

This project is home the first large burn gas - pyroelectricity of vapour combination loop is cold triplex for the project, use burn gas - vapour generates electricity circularly jointly heat addition, efficiency of WECS is close to 58 % , utmost realized resource class of efficient a flight of stairs is used, it is the most advanced on international. In the meantime, the project produces the water in using a town entirely with water, water consumption is the 1/3 of power plant of coequal capacity coal fired. It is as a result of circumjacent program uptown, the noise of bound of power plant factory asks to reach a kind of level: Do not be more than 55 decibel by day, nightly do not be more than 45 decibel. Home is in in congener power plant first, international is banner net of heating of horizontal heat addition.

The reporter sees in plant area, it is gardens garden landscape everywhere, "Two Ji Youguo, 3 season have a flower, the four seasons constant green " . The area before the factory and municipal construction be in harmony are an organic whole, the part is nonproductive area will be opened to circumjacent dweller, become the park of community, street square, look around for the citizen rest.

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