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Heating of Shanxi Great Harmony also begins warm-up to assure stretch heating
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Autumn meaning gradually thick, city of Shanxi Great Harmony today wintry heating also begins warm-up. To make sure stretch heating was carried out as scheduled on October 25, ensure the citizen spends a warm winter, 9 days, great Harmony is municipal and public bureau with respect to the our city urban heating job undertakes arousing this year, branch of requirement heat addition overcomes difficulty, early start work early preparation, raise fund store coal, overhaul equipment, do heat addition work solid do fine.
According to the pace is calculated first, area of heat addition of town of Great Harmony city makes an appointment with 40 million square metre, among them advocate the city zone makes an appointment with 28 million square metre, mining area makes an appointment with 12 million square metre; Advocate there is pyroelectricity couplet to produce heat addition area to make an appointment with 20 million square metre in area of heating of the city zone (include to add heating area newly this year 6 million square metre) , boiler heat addition has 55 place to make an appointment with 4 million square metre, 4 million square metre is the others from heating.
Center unit of heat addition heat source to have 4, it is a country respectively electric report muscularity is the same as limited company of pyroelectricity of limited company of pyroelectricity of the 2nd power plant, big Tang Yungang, Great Harmony, advance can company 4, among them 2 power plants assume heat addition area to make an appointment with 10 million square metre.
In last few years, the main problem that puzzles heating of our city winter is coal price tall look forward to. Before 2004, coal value is inferior, heating business can be normal operation, after 2004, coal price is climbed year after year litre, heat addition industry appears management sex deficit, bear heavy burden. Current, coal price already rose reach 779 yuan a ton, to the our city today wintry heating causes great difficulty. The abidance that causes to heat addition enterprise to because coal price rises,alleviate deficit, past years of municipal Party committee, municipal government adopts the measure that money of coal of allocate and transfer, coal supplies in all, municipal and public bureau also specific aim ground relies on natural resources of our city coal to build heat addition lash-up to ensure a mechanism, begin to collect utility meet an urgent need to ensure gold, multibarrel is neat come down to make sure heat addition uses coal and fund, ensure citizen winter heating.
Winter heating involves an innumberable families, municipal Party committee, municipal government stands in the angle of the people's livelihood, height takes seriously, mayor office can undertake special subject studies for many times. According to state of our city climate, winter heating predicts on October 25 whole town is started formally this year. Municipal and public bureau asks unit of each heat addition wants to make clear responsibility, clear assignment, overcome difficulty, regard important matter of current first class as safeguard citizen heating; Want to organize force, to heat addition equipment, canal the net undertakes the overhaul; Be aimed at the current situation of coal price tall look forward to, want in advance to start work, raise fund store coal. In the government on the foundation of source of macroscopical adjusting control, harmonious coal, municipal and public bureau starts utility meet an urgent need to ensure a mechanism, appropriate to the unit such as boiler heating allowance, heat addition unit should do good butt joint with coal source unit, ensure heat addition uses coal.
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