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The net austral Heibei water of pilot village Lai builds heating of film of firs
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The net austral Heibei pilot village is in electrification of heating of film of first infra-red electric heat 11 numbers Baoding Lai water builds, the job of village of electrification of dweller of Heibei company construction strode again from this one pace.
As we have learned, technology of film of infra-red electric heat is national hair changes appoint affirmatory " industrialization of new and high technology extends the state project " . Use this technology to warm oneself, can realize sole branch door metric, automatic temperature is controlled, everyday hour of run time 2.5-3, whole heating period moving charge 12.5-15 yuan / smooth rice, apparent under concentration cost of heat addition heating, heat up electric boiler at heating up pump and harbour relatively and character, this technology has the feasibility that big range popularizes.

Be aimed at the new situation that faces with electric market and new issue, heibei company is being begun energetically at present add sell the work for enlarge, village of construction dweller electrification gains one of focal points that sell for enlarge just about. This pilot village builds electrification of heating of film of infra-red electric heat, be new technology of application of village of Heibei company electrification is germinant, also laid a foundation to continue to spread new-style electrification village later. Additional all, to increase n of dweller carry out, heibei company is beginning latent capacity to investigate with report in the light of the dweller, constituent estate develops business to consider to build electric equipment of dweller village high-power to hold policy beforehand, constituent electric home appliances

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