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The 2nd heat and power plant of Beijing is large put into production of complete
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The oil of user of oily terminal of another large fuel changes China north area put into production of gas project complete, will stop to purchase fuel oil. According to Yan Shan petrifaction personage discloses, this factory receives the near future China report (Beijing) pyroelectricity limited company (the 2nd heat and power plant of former Beijing, abbreviation: 2 heat of Beijing) respect announcement, because oil changes gas unit go into operation, began Autumn 2008, will stop to purchase oil of fuel of swallow hill petrochemical, convert in the round natural gas. Do not cross Zhou Er, this one message has not get another when the thing square -- 2 hot fields of Beijing admit really.

2 heat of Beijing are China north area the consumptive large family of homebred fuel oil, the dosage of calendar year is in normally 15-18 10 thousand tons / year. This company stops fuel oil to purchase a plan in the round, the demand that causes heavy oil of China north area directly drops 15-18 10 thousand tons / year, at the same time oil of fuel of swallow hill petrochemical needs to seek sale target afresh. In addition, this also is island of emperor of afterwards the Qin Dynasty after company of group of boast China glass, losing of oily market of fuel of China north area client of another old terminal, and demand of oily terminal of fuel of two companies reductive amounts to 33-36 in all 10 thousand tons / year.

Analytic personage puts forward, "Oil changes energy of life " the development trend that is in China north area, adumbrative move because the element such as environmental protection and high oil price, fuel oil uses requirement of flaming of boiler of user of the terminal on Yu Lu, the process that is replaced by the other energy resources such as natural gas is being accelerated further, future the condition with this share quick and atrophic requirement already hard changeover.

As we have learned, 2 heat of Beijing at 6 years the middle ten days of a month undertook in Zheng Changzhuang different ground rebuilds in April, a Yu Tianning temple is replaced after Zheng Changzhuang lights gas to heat up electrical engineering Cheng Jiancheng mix in the center of the 2 heat of Beijing of side are along the line of ave of Chang'an Street, front door on the west Beijing is important branch and 50 more. This project uses clean fuel natural gas to replace original residual oil, reduce 2 oxidation sulfur, soot to wait discharge. This project by China company of China cable group invests, original plan is at building before heat addition Autumn 2007.

Accordingly before report, boast China glass plans 2008 the end of the year abandons fuel oil, coal tar to wait thoroughly as fuel, change in the round burn natural gas. Boast China glass is in 180 thousand tons or so to year of demand of fuel oil.

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