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Tibet develops ground heat energy to make the hot wall of be worthy of the name
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From Lhasa drive Che Xiangxi walks along 90 much kilometers, arrived altitude 4300 meters sheep 8 wells. See hot water appears from subterranean gurgle aloof, hot steam rising. Current, dot of You Jing of the power plant that depend on the heat of the earth's interior and builds, vegetable base, hot spring already the sheep 8 wells this basin turns into the hot city of a famed far and near.

Tibetan terrestrial heat is resourceful, the terrestrial heat that churchyard already discovered all sorts of types such as hot spring, boiling spring shows a region 666 place. According to the 350 more than place of preliminary investigation the heat of the earth's interior shows the heat flow of the dot estimates, its heat energy is made an appointment with every year but the quantity of heat that place of coal of 3 million tons of standards releases amount to.

The sheep that built 1974 power plant of 8 wells terrestrial heat, it is our country at present the biggest terrestrial heat experiments base, also be heat of layer of the Wen Jian in be being used exclusively when this age bound store the power plant that resource has industrial sex generates electricity. Current, 8 wells power plant already had the sheep aircrew of 8 3000 kilowatt, general assembly machine 25 thousand kilowatt. To the end of last year, generate electricity for Tibet in all hour of 1.84 billion kilowatt, before 1998, year electricenergy production occupies 45 % in Lhasa electrified wire netting, made important contribution for progress of Tibetan economy society.

Tibet is located in the world's highest place, sunshine is enough, it is the area with Chinese sun most radiant energy. Year all sunshine time is in 3000 hours of above, year radiation quantity is 6000, 8000 million Jiao Er / square metre. Use solar energy, annual and energy-saving convert can achieve Tibet coal of 135 thousand tons of standards, overbalance 100 million yuan of RMBs.

In recent years, country and municipality increase Tibetan new energy resources to develop applied investment ceaselessly, be fulfilled early or late and carried out " Tibetan sunshine plans " , " scientific light plans " with " report plans Tibetan A Liguang " , " western project of electrify of the countryside that do not have report " ... had reflected went out taller.

Wang Haijiang of assistant director of institute of new energy resources of the Xizang Autonomous Region announces the introduction, end at present, tibetan whole area has of all kinds solar energy capacity of establishment of Guang Fufa report exceeds 8MW, water heater of promotion solar energy 200 thousand square metre, solar energy kitchen more than 15, the nearly 300 thousand more than square metre such as sheep pen of room of solar energy heating, conservatory, ox, solar energy utilization rate occupies countrywide first place. He says: "Current, tibet has 20 more than person to rely on Guang Fufa report became round the electric lamp dream of a few acting people, nearly 700 thousand farming herdsman is benefited because of using all sorts of solar energy products. Nearly 700 thousand farming herdsman is benefited because of using all sorts of solar energy products..
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