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The building is energy-saving transform need to warm oneself through checking an
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On August 5, area of Beijing rising sun Hui Xinxi street 12 buildings are energy-saving transform a project to pass company of technology of collaboration of construction ministry, Germany (GTZ) , beijing is built appoint live with Beijing 4 units check and accept total group, pass smoothly. From this, this project is transformed in what two phase completed before the Olympic Games, become Beijing energy-saving transform demonstrative project, and pass transform this, beijing dweller first hopeful comes true " by need to warm oneself " .

The 2nd phase, beijing stays in company of service of property of total north eaves to undertake transforming to heating system, to 12 buildings 144 dwellers have an investigation, undertake registering to 756 groups of central heating, roll out sheet to be in charge of series connection to add first span the heating room system that provides form, changed beautiful, medicinal powder the radiator with hot good performance, install mount lukewarm charge a powerful person. Of this one system apply make the indoor temperature of resident enrages lukewarm circumstance to undertake modulatory inside certain limits according to the outside, avoid the phenomenon with not energy-saving heat preservation to happen, likely and effective pass lukewarm the adjustment that accuses a powerful person to have room temperature, the resident after making transform " by need to warm oneself " be able to come true.

Another characteristic of this project, installed heat allocation to express for resident in transform namely, the primitive and accurate data of whole heating season after arrange of this with one action transforms effective record. Through heating up metric watch, can record issue every to be in different weather, different door model, all sorts of available data inside different front, different room, and these data will become Beijing the building of 63 million square metre is energy-saving henceforth transform the important and referenced cost that go up is made in technology and policy. Net of heat addition heating

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