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Heat addition company is energy-saving fall the major breakthrough of bad news
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One, analysis of   energy-saving situation
Since entering 21 centuries, rate of global economy growth is very rapid, the sources of energy is supplied and the contradiction between demand is highlighted with each passing day, the competition of each national economy among them very important reflect the competition in the sources of energy to go up on one hand. Since reforming and opening, rise ceaselessly as what our country economy grows a standard, the sources of energy is used up increase ceaselessly, and worldwide energy reserves is used up stage by stage as industrial development and be faced with in short supply, house of price of main the sources of energy does not fall high, the sources of energy is supplied and the contradiction between demand was become restrict our country economy fast, continuously, the bottleneck of steady progress. The water shortage that followinged sb's heels 2003 especially and comes, coal barren, electricity shortage, oily barren, gas barren is waited a moment, all information are pointed to will face pressure of more severe the sources of energy in adumbrative our country. The sources of energy is in short supply and the house of the price does not issue the cost that causes production of global industry company high to increase to compete with the market ceaselessly the accretion of pressure, how energy-saving fall the bad news, key that reduces cost to become struggle for existence of business of whole world industry.
Since reforming and opening, our country the Party Central Committee, the State Council put forward " energy development and managing develop simultaneously, managing put in the first place " guidelines, trade of classics of former 2000 state committee of planning, country appoint, 4 ministries and commissions are ministry of total bureau of national environmental protection, construction fulfil " managing energy law " in about " the country encourages development pyroelectricity couplet to produce, center heat addition, raise pyroelectricity unit utilization rate " regulation with urgent plan foundation 1268 article make known to lower levels " the regulation that produces about developing pyroelectricity couplet " , drove couplet of our country pyroelectricity to produce the progress of the career. 2004 is to put forward to build more managing model important guiding ideology of the society, the sources of energy that held water to be a group leader with Premier Wen Jiabao heads a group, published the policy of a series of managing the sources of energy, the country had had the height that comparative to the understanding of managing the sources of energy. Enter especially " 915 " since, in the light of specific power consumption of GDP of our country unit all was worth the grim reality of 3.38 times for the world 2000, the country put forward 5 years inside reduce unit GDP specific power consumption the specific target of 20 % is brought into " national economy and social progress eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " . On July 25, 2006, the country develops innovation appoint pledge jointly with ministry of ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, construction, country the syndicate of 7 ministries and commissions such as bureau of office management of office of directly under of bureau of office management of office of total bureau of environmental protection of check total bureau, country, the State Council, Central Committee of Communist Party of China weaves, allotted send change annulus endowment [2006]1457 sign language " " 915, produce area pyroelectricity couplet Yu Yali of project, more than heat is optimized with system of project, energy (the system is energy-saving) the project with pyroelectricity (result) couplet produces the project that concern to include a key to carry out working content, made clear measure of form a complete set and organization to carry out an unit. Construction " managing model society " already became a society to develop a theme.
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