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Shenyang builds energy-saving achievement to exhibit and product technology is r
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Air conditioning does not leave inside house all the same the wintry warm Xia Liang, rainwater that collects also can be sent on big use... on July 15, shenyang city builds energy-saving achievement to exhibit and product technology is revealed can kick off, one a brand-new energy-saving product, revealed future to people of energy-saving, environmental protection brand-newThe lifeTrend.

"Ah! This is energy-saving the building is much prettier, brick of this adiabatic heat preservation can lie between many quantity of heat really! " the energy-saving window of three-layer glass, collect is beautiful and energy-saving at an organic whole outside wall insulation material... exhibit meeting site the look that a beautiful energy-saving room drew a lot of citizens. In the spot in demonstrating, simulative " small sun " it is good to was illuminated outside the room a little while, in the house that there is adiabatic film on pane, all the timeMaintainMove constant temperature.

According toIntroduce, this energy-saving room was used lie between the dirt, adiabatic, special and energy-saving capable person that separates noise to pledge. Data shows, energy-saving residence and blame are energy-saving residential photograph is compared, the summer wants at least low 5 degrees, winter wants prep above 5 degrees, it is true wintry warm Xia Liang. Live in such house, can make air conditioning energy-saving 30% .

See in the person that exhibit meeting site to write down, ginseng exhibit citizen all without exception new-style to these energy-savingProductApplause applaud, but its apply the higher-priced of in actual life to make a citizen a little hesitant however. Resemble the energy-saving window of three-layer glass, install such window to need thousands of yuan, the citizen feels some are expensive generally. Relevant personage says to this explanation, although energy-saving product price is a few taller, but from use benefit for a long time to look, more appropriate still.
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