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Wuhan centers detailed of function of heat addition case to solve a village to c
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[all builds • samite Changjiang Delta] it is by Wuhan all builds a city to develop finite liability company to invest construction, interconnected system of house of town of Wuhan of this company predecessor builds the office to held water in Feburary 1978, it is the unit that Wuhan city is engaged in estate the earliest developing. Wuhan all builds a city to develop finite liability company is interconnected system of house of former Wuhan town build the office to be main investment square, those who establish is state-owned accuse an estate to develop a company. It is the company of development of one class estate that the country holds. Leave one of core companies for division of group of Wuhan real estate now.
[all builds • samite Changjiang Delta] project address is located in plant area of Inc. of former Hubei construction machinery, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 228 mus, total floor area makes an appointment with 350 thousand square metre. In the overall planning of Wuhan city town with newest net of heat addition heating (2006, 2020) in, what samite Changjiang Delta is in is medium boreal road piece the area will be hit to create division of office of Wu Chang business affairs and division of public service center. Rely on high grade rich and humanitarian history resource, and the advantageous surroundings of office of downtown business affairs and public service, what did not come is medium the division of inhabit a region that boreal road along the line will make Wuhan core line provide modernization most.
The customer that buys a house in recent years pays close attention to a building more and more dish construction of establishment of soft, hardware, all builds a company for closer contented consumer demand, more will [all builds • samite Changjiang Delta] village of high quality residence builds the surveyor's pole sex that construction becomes central the city zone, all builds a company to have an insight into market information, devise clever strategies, after making an on-the-spot investigation via be being proved with all possible means, successful together Devin heating power " urban hot net centers heat addition " project. From this, hot water of winter heating, the four seasons also is become [all builds • samite Changjiang Delta] the make the finishing point pen that village grade builds.

One, life character piece

[all builds • samite Changjiang Delta] village city heats up a net to centralize heat addition system is to combine 50 old cities of our country to center heat addition experience and abroad's advanced design concept to undertake building, expression of its system advantage is in the technology is very mature, systematic moving stability is reliable. Accordingly, [all builds • samite Changjiang Delta] the village centers construction of heat addition system to will bring more comfortable, more high grade life quality for village dweller.
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