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Refrigeration of heating of village of Beijing Olympic Games all throughout the
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Beijing hair changes appoint when service government broadcasts, city of Beijing of relevant controller be a guest introduces, below the participation of industrial structural adjustment, policy guiding and whole town citizen, 2 oxidation sulfur was mixed last year the reduced a platoon to achieve the beginning of the year to make quota of COD. The standard that whole this year town plans to achieve is: Ta of a coffin with corpse in of  of  of flood dragon  ?% of the land austral health where Xiong; Bad news of water of 10 thousand yuan of GDP drops 4% , chemical oxygen demand drops 4% , discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur drops 10% .

During the program, this controller still introduced Beijing to second birth the sources of energy is used and can develop a case in detail. Preliminary count 2007 but dosage of benefit of second birth the sources of energy can achieve whole town energy resources to consume gross 2% the left and right sides, among them half above is solar energy, basically be solar energy heat is used. Among them solar energy lamp adds 40 thousand or so newly 2007 only, accumulative total makes an appointment with 90 thousand, 95% above distributing in a rural area. Add 20 thousand when will roll out this year, can 110 thousand solar energy lamps enlighten Beijing. Collect hot area is solar energy water heater about 3.8 million square metre, the sun shower room in 100 sunshine school, country also is being advanced.

Besides, beijing whole town uses area of heating of hot pump system to already broke through 10 million square metre, among them, already threw trying the water of second birth of Olympic Games village that run to heat up project of pump cold heat source is project of the whole nation's most large-scale pump of second birth hydro-thermal, can be Olympic Games village building of 400 thousand square metre offers heating refrigeration. Preparation develops 5 million square metre again this year. On wind energy, south bank of government-owned office reservoir had built first phase electric field of wind of 50 thousand kilowatt, will start this year 2 period project of 50 thousand kilowatt.

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