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Allowance of Heilongjiang heat addition is dark fill change bright finish in the
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The heat addition of city of Heilongjiang provincial capital that holds from August 15 learns on working informal discussion, my province will be in heat addition allowance is finished in the round before the end of the year this year " dark fill change bright fill " reform, continue to advance heat addition metric, perfect heat addition safeguard, raise heat addition level. Vice-governor Yu Shayan chairs an informal discussion and speak.

Current, the 10 ground city such as Mu Si of Qiqihaer, beautiful has finished heat addition allowance " dark fill change bright fill " reform, 3 cities are accelerating river of Harbin, peony, chicken on the west run, reform will be accomplished before annual bottom nowadays.

The conference is opposite at the same time complete province today wintry heat addition works make deploy. Conference requirement, want to answer coal report actively to rise in price, take step, assure to stabilize heat addition. Want resource of integrated heat addition, develop pyroelectricity couplet to produce energetically, each city county should adopt annex when introducing pyroelectricity couplet to produce a business, buy, the means that become a shareholder digests enterprise of small heat addition, or guide its to change direction of management, establish the service company that pursues heat addition technically managing; Should advance concentration energetically heat addition, increase concentration newly this year heat addition area 20 million square metre; Should pass reasonable heat addition special program, optimize position of heat source, hot network, urge the construction that centers heat addition project; Should accelerate concentration net of heat addition canal transforms construction, improve the safe level of heat addition establishment, technology level and level of management, ensure heat addition safety; Should advance heat addition metric, from now on, save all building completely heating building must install heat addition metric with net of heating of heat addition of unit of indoor temperature adjusting control, achieve heat addition metric requirement: Net of station of all heat source that build heat addition project, heating power, canal must install the adjusting control device such as metric device and compensation of water equilibrium, climate, frequency conversion; Want to be not system of energy-saving architectural heat addition to undertake transforming to having already, should finish this year have living building already heat addition is metric with the building energy-saving transform an area 4 million square metre, the public construction such as governmental orgnaization office building should take the lead in finishing heat metric transform, execute meterage. Want to perfect heat addition to ensure a mechanism, assure heat addition of group of low income difficulty; Already built urban heat addition to ensure the city of the system, should ensure appropriate of finance special funds extends reach the designated position, the group of low income difficulty that assures to accord with governmental minister standard and condition enjoys the safeguard policy of party and government, make minister capital is used effectively at heat addition to pay fee entirely; Have not build heat addition to ensure the city of the system, should from this heating period begin, combinative place is actual, build heat addition to ensure a mechanism, especially tired to requiring the town that give aid to truly group, weak force group carries out governmental minister, help hibernate of more difficult group safety.
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