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Tibet that area is successful and pilot heating of moving building solar energy
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From Science and Technics Agency of the Xizang Autonomous Region understanding arrives, after afterwards Lhasa, average height above sea level 4500 meters Tibet north that area is successful also and pilot ran heating of building solar energy.

Demonstrative research center of Tibetan the sources of energy handles official bussiness in that area the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference the building built a collect to heat up an area area of 300 square metre, heating is close the solar energy heating room system of 1000 square metre, try move gain a success.

Because lack the fuel resource such as coal, natural gas, oil, tibet uses fossil fuel combustion to come the price of heating is high. According to preliminary count, season of a heating makes the same score solar energy heating room system all the moving charge of every square metre is 3 yuan, it is the 6 % of electric boiler heating room system, the 7 % of fuel heating room system.

Tibet is in high cold area, the building does not have heating generally, heating of most area winter relies on combustion bush and firewood bavin to solve, be in especially farming and stockbreeding areas, still rely on dung of flocks and herds to solve fuel problem at present.

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