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Beijing transforms heat addition to be in charge of net laid human nature to cha
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The heating equipment that summer is a village has the overhaul and transformed gold time. And reduce heating specific power consumption, the laid tubal a network that human nature changes and control technical general in more and more in heat addition occurrence that transform.

According to concerning data statistic, specific power consumption of heating of heat addition of area of our country northward heating occupies the 65 % above that builds total specific power consumption, some areas are as high as 90 % even. The carry of extensive makes mode and relatively backward tubal net technology, make the user cannot undertake systematic adjustment and indoor temperature are controlled, created a system again at the same time hydraulic with heating power operating mode serious and maladjusted, multilayer living architectural carries layer room room temperature on the head exorbitant, room temperature of low layer room is too low, affected the quality of heat addition heating badly, created the serious waste of the sources of energy.

To reduce specific power consumption, raise energy-saving consciousness of the public, village of Xi Yuan of Beijing peace street is special when executive coal changes energy of life installed the natural gas boiler that has energy-saving unit and the device of the system to each link undertook transforming.

And picture such energy-saving fall the technology of bad news still has a lot of, this computer is special undertake centralized pilot to village boiler, through computer control and systematic rate of load condensate can see boiler of station of network of heating of which heat addition needs to add lukewarm where stage to need to accuse lukewarm, make every boiler can move circularly. In addition, heat of flue gas beyond still was used to reclaim inside the village device will reduce heat addition specific power consumption, before the is as high as 120-140 to spend high temperature flue gas that heating produces can be discharged directly in sky, caused very big heat energy loss. Now, the high temperature flue gas of generation enters heat of flue gas beyond to reclaim through net of heating power canal device and microtherm water undertake heating up exchange, in producing the hot water that 60-70 spends to enter user home again next, realized recycle of the sources of energy.

After installing these energy-saving device, the heating air consumption of every square metre has the village only 8 stere, far under whole town the average heating air consumption of 11.9 stere. Season of a heating comes down, village boiler room can save 1 million yuan.

Mere a village can produce so big energy-saving result, so to large heat addition area and heat addition system, energy-saving appear more heavy want and pressing. And the main heating means that coal fired heating is our country. Quantity bedding face is wide, resource is wasteful, environmental pollution can say is it before pronominal. The room of this large boiler before uses this kind of means to be dweller heating namely. But in science management, below the function that core technology handles, they were ensured effectively not only all round the dweller's heating, return those who reduced contaminant to discharge.
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