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Heating of Shenyang in advance collects fees winter warms oneself issue security
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In the early fall red-letter day of colourful Yang Gaozhao, the heating that begins to be a winter, especially heating collects fees in advance prepares, this is returned in Shenyang city is head bout. "There is coal heart in the hand not confused " , face the grim situation that coal price rises considerably, on August 24, municipal government holds heat addition to stop cost job meeting, deploy and arouse each the city zone, relevant section, enterprise and individual shift to an earlier date pay heating cost, ensure heating company has money to buy coal, ensure citizen warmth hibernate.

Since this year, coal price rises substantially, supply insecurity, give today it is tremendous and difficult that the heat addition of wintry Shenyang city prepared to bring. Face grim situation, shenyang city also is carried early began heating to collect fees. Up to now, whole town heating collects fees integratedly rate amount to 18.48% , rose compared to the same period 1.38 percent, collect fees rate for the history highest. In the meantime, the heating cost that finance of city, area bears already at all appropriate reachs the designated position by July.

That day, the mechanism of whole town of municipal government appeal, enterprise or business the heating fee that the unit pays office to use room and worker ahead of schedule. In the meantime, shenyang city citizen also should support heating, understand the real difficulty of heat addition enterprise, pay heating fee ahead of schedule. The reporter understands, at present the enterprise adopted a lot of heat addition to come service, convenient capture is expended or pay cost gives gift to wait for a method, urge fee of heating of pay of user in advance.

Municipal government still asks street, community wants whole town each the city zone jointly with heat addition unit, urge capture heating fee to the user. "If the boss of which enterprise not pay heating cost, oneself are leaving however ' run quickly greatly ' , we sue him stoutly! " that day, xing Kai of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor expresses, to the enterprise that ill will defaults heating to expend or individual, unit of each heat addition should be checked, provide evidence, sue to court of city, district lawfully.

Collect fees, buy coal, store it is coal, good to be maintained again equipment prepares heating, municipal government requirement, when zero hour heating opened spigot on November 1, whole town heating store coal rate is not gotten under 80% , collect fees integratedly rate should achieve 100% , conserve truly 100% bolt of city.

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300 million yuan of allowance save Liaoning completely the town is small protect a winter to warm oneself

Today wintry Ming Chun, town of total provincial capital is small protect door people warm oneself the problem was solved! On August 24, liaoning saves finance hall to understand, the winter heating this year is accessorial, on the foundation that province finance hall arranges in budget of the beginning of the year, consideration coal rises in price this year wait for an element, increase devoted scope, fund of arrangement heating allowance three hundred and three million six hundred and ten thousand yuan, raise a province at the same time accessorial to city scale, make accessorial level reachs city of total provincial capital low protect door need pay to warm oneself nearly 50% what expend gross, in order to ensure today job of heating of Ning Shengdong season carries out wintry Ming Chunliao smoothly.
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