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Jinan heating expenses rises sectional dweller him family store coal heating
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Turn as weather cold, the citizen pays close attention to heat addition more and more. The reporter visited Jinan part village to discover, many citizen families begin a large number of storing beehive coal, answer coming winter heating question.

This morning, the reporter encountered the Zhao master that comes from area length Qing Dynasty to be pressed down in safety in Shun jade village, his before dawn sets out from the home 4:30, hurry to Shun jade village to send a briquet to severe gentleman. 600 briquets enough husband and wife two work one morning. Carrying with self-restrained carrying pole go upstairs, every wade 30 kilograms.

The house of severe gentleman about 80 square metre, since passed " 11 " , begin store briquet. "With the diameter 18 centimeters briquet, 600 about the same enough one winter. " last year a briquet 1.4 yuan, the briquet that a winter buys 840 yuan is enough. Go up this year money, his budget must be burned 1000 multivariate.

"Also center heating be to one's profit than using so, if go up to 27 many money really, a year have to the central heating cost of 2000 money. " severe gentleman is planning.

His neighbour three-pair Ms. Liu just came back: "Zhao master, fall to had sent 100 to come to me again weekend. " put without the place in her home, can buy one share only every time, burned buy again. Of Zhao master " deliver goods is expressed " had discharged full, the coal of Ms. Liu can procrastinate a few days again only, he says: "Do not have method, outfit car adds unload from a vehicle, one day can send only, after be being discharged. After be being discharged..

Severe gentleman also is to shift to an earlier date ten days to call book, he says, the tricycle that Shun jade village sends coal everyday does not issue 10, labour sending coal became a village most working crowd.

Inside another village, the chimney that the reporter sees pedlar edge street placed many beehive coal furnace to use, conduit, the citizen that the choose and buy comes to before also is absent a few.

"Heat addition cost is in all the time on tone, hear go up to 27 many, be no good really I burn beehive coal to calculate with respect to oneself. " Mr Wu of the road austral Hong Jialou says, last year heating period because the facilities account of heat addition enterprise, a day of central heating stops several hours, and it is the coldest every time almost when stop central heating, accumulative total comes down to 78 day time endure aspic, wanting is really not be to one's profit.

While more citizen hopes heat addition enterprise is raising price, can improve heat addition quality, do not want bedding face of reappear in former years to accumulate the case that stays warm, room temperature not to amount to mark.

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