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Newspaper of Jinan heat addition stops charge to cannot exceed 15% of hot price
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Heating heats up the attune on valence, a lot of Jinan citizens want to apply for central heating newspaper to stop, how does the newspaper stop charge to calculate? On October 18, shandong saves Sun Jianmin of director of bureau of Jinan city price to express, what the newspaper stops a condition can apply for a newspaper to stop, the newspaper stops charge to cannot exceed 15% of total hot value.

In former years, stop about the newspaper collect fees problem masses all the time the opinion is bigger, dispute is more also. Because do not have rate, the 10% collection that by every square metre 78 yuan hot net builds form a complete set to expend heat up some enterprises net loss expenses, the newspaper stops charge to be equivalent to every square metre 7 reach 8 yuan, contrast of this price photograph is taller, the user is not satisfactory. Sun Jianmin expresses, allow to use heat door newspaper to stop, but central heating newspaper stays a case more complex, want to stop rate according to newspaper of particular case check and ratify, if sign up for the day that stay,number is the newspaper that press a day stops, still stop by monthly magazine, season of whole perhaps heating signs up for stop, different circumstance rate is different. But highest can stop charge according to the 15% collection newspaper of total hot value only.

Guo Sen of deputy director general of bureau of municipal public utility represents Jinan city, the newspaper stops the top level that collect fees to had made limitative provision, cannot exceed 15% of total hot value. Undertake declaring stopping without the condition, in principle cannot apply for a newspaper to stop. His citing says, some often occupy civilian building, heating conduit is vintage series connection means, if such building is whole unit or whole sentence that building newspaper stays, it is possible, because can be accomplished from the technology; If not be entire unit is entire building,the newspaper stops, is the some in dweller building only door if thinking the newspaper stops, because be not done on the technology,give some door to stop alone warm stop heat, such circumstance does not have a newspaper to stop a condition, branch of in principle heat addition does not agree with such user newspaper to stop.

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