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Harbin announces special crowd heat addition to expend heating subsidy program
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Harbin city announced special crowd to heat up cost subsidy program. 7 kinds of people brought into allowance limits.

Haing city continues to implement policy of allowance of hot last year cost. 100% enjoy those who heat up cost allowance to have 5 kinds of people: The object of safeguard of urban lowest life of housing of living city heat addition, family member all nonprofessional civil administration decides member of object of filling give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen, family all vassal state of object of nonprofessional unemployment benefit, city has worker of welfare enterprise deformity, without the job unit and unit pass stop go bankrupt really financial insolvency heat expends before founding a state.

The unit assumes 90% people of 10% have 2 kinds of people: Dependency of city, area is concerned stop go bankrupt the company retires personnel (do not contain retire by city cadre management center pays those who heat up cost to retire personnel or close stop what hot fee already paid to the individual when going bankrupt to retire personnel) , those who enter social security to get old-age pension is state-owned go bankrupt enterprise retiree (do not contain when going bankrupt already from go bankrupt the obligate in cost entrusts social insurance device to extend the retiree that heating expends, or the retiree) that hot fee already paid to worker individual when business failure.

These 7 kinds of people, besides leaving retiree, limits of allowance of area of housing of other safeguard object is usable floor area less than of 45 square metre.

The urban lowest life of housing of heat addition of living blame city ensures an object, every offer certain subsidy, subsidy level is carried out about the regulation according to civil administration branch.

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