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Beijing to do third party survey measured household heating are not standard a
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According to Voice of the economy, "Financial Post" reported that Zhou Ranbian cold as the weather, the public complaints on the amount of heating increases. Beijing is third-party testing organizations have completed a number of households in the room temperature testing, all of these households do not standard at room temperature, in which residents of a nearby Sanyuanqiao room temperature only a little more than 13 ℃. Reporters from the city of Beijing Municipal Committee was informed that the temperature if the third-party testing organizations report failed, the heating unit heating costs should be refunded to the user, the user holds the end of the heating period the temperature third-party testing organizations report original heating fee invoices, to the heating unit for refund or credit shall be paid under the heating of the heating of the user fee. According to regulations, when the residents when the temperature is lower than 14 ℃ heating costs to be refunded.
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