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Beijing heat addition handles commitment ignition of heating of whole on Novembe
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Reporter from Beijing municipal canal appoint heat addition does know, rose on November 7, whole town tries ignition to begin, city heat addition serves a hot line 62357575 will face a society to debut.

According to introducing, this city adjusts Beijing the specific measure that perfected pair of difficult groups to carry out heat addition deliverance, built heat addition meet an urgent need special fund, right low protect door wait for special crowd, ensure its with means of deliverance of indirect fuel objective normal heating, continue to apply strict control overheating to move to the public construction such as mechanism, bazaar mainly.

In addition, this city fulfilled lash-up rush to repair beforehand case and team, enriched city, area two class team of rush to repair of lash-up of 27 heat addition, undertake drilling. Will enter 24 hours of lash-up on November 7 equipment is diligent condition. This city built heat addition to organize safeguard system, perfected platoon of heat addition problem to check harmonious linkage mechanism.

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