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Price of heat addition of vapour of the attune on the likelihood discusses Hefei
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Came 2008, and other places of Suzhou, Changzhou, peaceful wave all increases vapour sale price, what wait for cost in order to answer to coal price is rising. The reporter learned from Hefei pyroelectricity group yesterday, hefei vapour sale price is adjusted in also be being discussed, mean today wintry heating may move price.

The Ministry of finance allotted jointly on September 11, 2008 " the announcement of the directive opinion of concerned issue of job of heating of heat addition of good about doing winter " , regulation " each district rises in price according to coal circumstance, run the program of attributive and regulation according to price division of labor, adjust heat addition price appropriately " . A lot of cities increase vapour sale price in succession, like Jiangsu Suzhou, Changshu, Changzhou, could there be without stannum, Zhejiang wave, Hangzhou.

Anhui is at present provincial each city also requests to increase steam price to local government in succession, the city such as port of Chu city, mussel has been increased. Price of Hefei city vapour 140 yuan / ton be 2005 first half of the year coal price 400 yuan / ton of the check and ratify below the circumstance. 2007 winter 2008 spring heating value is a foundation with vapour price, collect fees by the area the price is civil it is 17.5 yuan / building square metre; Collect fees by hot metric list the price is 0.35 yuan / KWH, by auspicious anxious watch collects fees the price is 97.22 yuan / GJ. And at present, coal price already rose 1 times above.

Regard Hefei city as one of 4 utility companies, hefei pyroelectricity group already reported relevant circumstance. Adjust the report of vapour price according to Hefei pyroelectricity group, branch of Hefei city price is investigating argumentation in insecurity, after waiting for course hearing of witnesses relevant program subsequently, about the policy that move price the likelihood comes on stage at the near future.

- value of policy link utility adjusts a program

Management unit puts forward the price to adjust application -- whether does director branch examine and verify accord with a condition -- undertake cost examine and verify by relevant unit, offer an opinion -- deliver application and opinion -- if the condition matures to hold the hearing that attends with all possible means -- undertake editing on behalf of the opinion in the light of the hearing -- affirmatory and final plan, newspaper government is carried out.

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