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Value of heating of Gansu Province central heating announces cost of each city h
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Cooperative city: Height above sea level is high, at present the city zone already began formal heat addition on October 1.
Huang Zhuoming of director of company of cooperative city heating power introduces, townsman of price of heat addition of whole last year town is 3.3 yuan / square metre, the town is small protect door, the partial difficulty family such as the off-duty workers is 2.9 yuan / square metre, above price is belonged to try moving price. Rise as a result of coal price violent wind this year, by last year 470 yuan / ton go up to 720 yuan / ton, make heat addition cost rises substantially. According to the pace is calculated first and be being monitored, at present cost price of minimum of heat addition of cooperative city every square metre amounts to 8.22 yuan, be as long as the heating cost of 7 months is assumed by the dweller entirely, give the cooperative citizen with overall economy not high income to bring certain difficulty undoubtedly.

The reporter understands from cooperative municipal government, cooperative city already was adopted answer measure actively, about heating cost rises in price problem, cooperative city is preparing to press concerned program to hold price hearing within the near future, have reasonable price to heat addition price.

Calm on the west: The residence heats up valence to plan to move 20 yuan to every square metre
On October 7, calm on the west city price bureau was handed over to local government heat addition price adjusts a report this year, raise price of dweller residence heat addition every square metre adjusts the proposal for 20 yuan by 13.5 yuan.

As we have learned, calm city price bureau is on the west after undertaking business accounting to cost of company of each heat addition, put forward this to heat up valence to adjust a proposal. By winter warms oneself this year period average coal price every tons 549.55 yuan of computation, with warmed oneself last year period average coal price is compared 315 yuan, only totle drilling cost of heating of this one immediate impact rises 74.46% , drive unit area heating average cost rises 46.95% . On this foundation, city price bureau raises price of dweller residence heat addition every square metre is adjusted by 13.5 yuan of hot price it is 20 yuan; Administrative institution office uses a room every square metre is adjusted by 15.5 yuan it is 23 yuan; Guesthouse, restaurant, hostel every square metre is adjusted by 17.5 yuan it is 26 yuan; Sex of business already battalion, productivity uses room, auditorium, gymnasium every square metre is adjusted by 19.5 yuan it is 29 yuan.

Lanzhou: 4 kinds of hot price rise on average for 53.75%
8 days, bureau of Lanzhou city price heats up valence to adjusted the whole process that plan publishs to make a journal to Lanzhou city coal fired. 4 kinds when make to heating up valence this adjusted plan to do judge fine specification.

According to bureau of Lanzhou city price relevant controller introduces, in recent years, because what wait for cost of main heat addition artificially is coal, water, report, ceaseless,rise, especially this year coal spurt in prices, cost of heat addition company hangs contradiction to be highlighted increasingly. For this, bureau of Lanzhou city price entrusts row of cost of product of Lanzhou city workers and peasants, static to Lanzhou install property management company to wait for 07-08 of enterprise of heat addition of 12 coal fired year cost undertakes inspect careful, to 08-09 year cost undertook calculating, through be being calculated in great quantities, argumentation, it is price of heat addition of dweller residence coal fired 4.2 yuan surely finally / lunar · square metre. Specific adjust plan to be: Dweller residence by 2.8 yuan / lunar · square metre raises 4.2 yuan / lunar · square metre; Office, education, hospital by 3.3 yuan / lunar · square metre raises 5.1 yuan / lunar · square metre; Guesthouse, restaurant, hostel by 3.9 yuan / lunar · square metre raises 6 yuan / lunar · square metre; Business is commercial with room, workshop, auditorium by 4.5 yuan / lunar · square metre raises 7 yuan / lunar · square metre. 4 kinds of hot price rise on average amount 1.95 yuan, go up on average 53.75% .
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