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Vaillant boiler heating the mainstream market to seize the Chinese
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Although central heating this winter has entered the countdown state, but the frequent intrusion of cold air, making the most of the residents are hoping to immediately heating, this time on the market an enterprise does not rely on heating heating products - boiler grid Outside the popular. "Currently, we have provided for 18 million families boiler products, users can freely adjust the temperature according to home heating boiler temperature." Global heating giants - Gateway to the case of China, General Manager of Sensors and Actuators Said. Boiler gas boiler is actually short, it is essentially different water heater with frost protection, put dry protection, accidental flameout protection, over temperature protection, pump protection against various security jamming protection Protection measures. The key is it has a strong family central heating capabilities, to meet the heating needs of multi-room, each room can be freely set according to demand comfortable temperature, and can provide a large flow of sanitary hot water temperature for Family bath, kitchen and other places use. In Europe, the boiler has long been popular for decades in the mature product. But in China, compared to conventional heating, the indoor temperature can be adjusted independently of the boiler as the advantages and the role it is widely known in recent years Things. Boiler in the purchase of one of Ms. Chen Macalline saying, "If not this winter comes early, the temperature drop too badly, and heating enterprises in advance the possibility of not heating up, I did not inquire further have even What heating it! Boiler, this is after listening to sales staff, I know it's good. " "There are many consumers do not know, that there is great market development space, Vaillant is good news, and we will try to promote to customers the benefits of boiler, so that more customers are no longer afraid to mention the winter Before arrival. "According to Wei Dong Wang, at present, heating boiler in China to take about 2 million users, including the Gateway to the 18 million customers, but showed rapid and massive expansion of the demand trend compared to the number of It seems there is not enough "strength." "Customers choose Vaillant boiler increasing every year, I believe, will be the heating boiler supplies the mainstream market." It is understood that, given the recent cool weather, continuous, one by one now Viagra has begun to prompt the user to conduct a comprehensive equipment maintenance, heating to prepare for the ignition. If the user of any problems encountered during the heating can be Call its 24-hour service hotline.
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