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Heating boiler comply with the requirements of low-carbon age
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One. What is a low-carbon Low-carbon, low-carbon life, low-carbon economy, low carbon development ... ... low-carbon model of social activities, production activities, life processes and concepts, following the agricultural civilization of human society, human industrial civilization after another major step forward --- - Low Carbon civilization. According to the "low-carbon media networks in China," compiled the "low-carbon public Manual" defined: low-carbon (lowcarbon) means lower greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) emissions. As the world's industrial economic development, the rapid increase in population, increased the infinite human desires and production, lifestyle excesses, the world is facing increasingly serious problems of climate, increasing carbon dioxide emissions, ozone layer subjected to unprecedented damage seen on global catastrophic climate change, has seriously jeopardized the survival of mankind. Generalized "low carbon" concept, has been far beyond the literal meaning of this specific, low-carbon can be said to be green, energy saving, environmental protection, refined formulation, is green, energy saving, environmental protection and the specific embodiment and comprehensive manner. Where on earth for all social activities, production activities, life processes and ideas, always low energy consumption, low pollution, low emissions, all energy-saving, saving, saving every aspect of carbon can be used to quantify the specific and broad generalizations. In short, the "low carbon" is a decision the concept of the future of mankind, but also a very scientific formulation. II. Global low-carbon age The development of the human economy in recent years the driving force and effectiveness depend on the greatly improved energy and resource productivity, along with common human resources are depleting and the common environment is deteriorating, the main focus of the world economy began quietly change. When the energy-saving and environmental protection is no longer a simple function of public appeals and supervision, clean, renewable energy is no longer with the development of new industrial development alone is a nurturing environment, the human society, the economy has gradually entered the mainstream of the global green low-carbon age, energy saving, clean low-carbon economy has been a true industry, began to rewrite the theme of the future world economy. Both the December 2009 international climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, or December 2010 the upcoming international climate conference in Cancun, Mexico, are human beings for the survival of our planet to seek way out. Environmental protection, energy conservation, carbon emissions in time of peace, the Cold War era have become the world almost from the United Nations to every responsible national government is one of the most important tasks. Since, as human life, like Earth's resources are finite, non-renewable, spent basis of. Therefore, protection of the environment is the common responsibility of mankind. Energy conservation, low-carbon development is everyone's responsibility. III. China's low-carbon responsibility Urban environmental problems are mainly in the past large amounts of coal-based fuel caused. Serious environmental pollution is a typical city of the basic characteristics of coal smoke pollution, atmospheric carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and 90% from coal. Heating of coal per year increases, the pollution concentration exceeded suddenly, a lot of coal to power our country to become carbon dioxide emissions, is now ranked first in the world. According to the World experience shows that many major cities, improve the air pollution situation is to change the fundamental way the fuel structure. So in the next few years to 20 years, China will increase fuel industries including civil clean, high quality and efficient to promote the use of energy, including natural gas will be a focus on promoting the use of high efficiency and low fuel, natural gas for Hot air quality will significantly improve the effect of the use of this clean energy is the future urban energy of the trend. According to statistics, China is in the use of natural gas in a variety of energy sources, compared to just 3.6%, while the world average of 23.7%, its potential space is larger. The low-carbon energy sources to improve the utilization of natural gas would be the national low-carbon development, energy conservation an important component of long-term strategy. International and domestic natural gas resources on himself in the "natural gas industry, the impact on the boiler" in existing paper: "The global imbalance in supply and demand of natural gas is causing a temporary shortage of some areas; gap in China's natural gas supply and demand imbalance caused by a variety of reasons. If China's natural gas pipe network built gas, domestic gas supply system straightened out, starting next year is expected to gradually ease tensions in the domestic natural gas, and finally should be able to meet the demand. " The Chinese government has attached great importance to energy-saving environmental protection, "Environmental Protection" has as one of China's basic national policies of several. November 26, 2009 World Climate Summit in Copenhagen from 10 days also the occasion of the opening for the international challenge of China's environmental problems, the Chinese government solemnly promised 2005-2020 carbon intensity per unit of GDP decreased 40-45%, as binding targets into national economic and social development program. IV. Important low-carbon economy heating industry Specific to the heating industry, how to tie into the global low carbon economy, responsible for energy-saving environmental protection, "world class" responsibility? Energy conservation, trekking responsibility, heating industry, duty-bound. According to statistics, every year solely used for winter heating energy consumption equivalent to RMB 700 billion, accounting for the total energy consumption of about 1 / 4. Therefore, heating of the scientific, rational energy use efficiency of China's environmental protection plays an important role in carbon reduction. Heating from the early days of Chinese cities by the then Soviet Union on the basic unity of Big Brother's big central heating mode of development to the present has become our main form of the absolute heating, accounting for more than 90% of the overall heating. But the drawbacks are more contributed, if not a reasonable allocation of heat, dull passive, Enthusiasm, management, fees, and so difficult, especially when many of the invalidity does not require heating and waste heat loss is very serious. According to statistics estimate the loss of waste heat each winter to more than 200 billion RMB, shocking. To our country, central heating has two advantages: First, after decades of development, mature technology, management experience; Second, habits and northern residents to accept this form of heating, depending on the model, of the more common people welcome. So now and in the future for a long period of time, central heating, or certainly the main form of heating in north China. And all from national to local energy structure, heating system, thermal company building, and various waste heat recovery and so more mature. The fundamental way out for central heating will certainly require the form of modified ingredients metering. As the Ministry of Housing and Urban leaders again and again emphasized, heat metering to promote reform is coming period the central task of building energy efficiency. If the new district and the south still, regardless of the implementation of central heating and household metering, is certainly unwise, is contrary to the world and our energy-saving environmental protection policies, sooner or later have to be changed and household metering heating. Five years of change do not change, but believed not take long, mandatory terms of energy saving laws and regulations will be introduced. However, the implementation of metering central heating constantly hit "Waterloo." Slow progress in the implementation of many years, are complex issues, some residential renovation to major surgery is almost the cost of almost new clothes. Building housing the Ministry in October 2009 issued a document requiring the city to a certain heating time, the progressive introduction of metering, heating can be measured by the amount of control charges. If you really can achieve, and that saving and environmental protection in China is definitely a big step. However, I understand that some situations, such as World Trade Center last year in the district of Zhengzhou metering trial run, unexpected. Originally from the aspects of investigation, Zhengzhou public household metering heating long-awaited, may be implemented in real time, with the pay of active users is not high, the district last year, users pay less than 30%. Five. Response to low-carbon household heating requirements of the times From the human social system, the natural law of human nature is, why should a market economy? Why has the kind of "eating the same big pot of the collective people's communes" to change Zequan Li clear "private plots" way? Principles and practice has long been fully demonstrated at home and abroad. In fact, this seemingly simple truth profound, heating system is also bound to be so big pot like a large single bound to change sooner or later. Household heating similar to that Comrade Deng Xiaoping to engage rural "household responsibility system", as the assets, the heating time Zequan Li into their own heating will also bring about a revolution in household heating is certainly the trend is definitely the necessary heating requirements of national social development, is definitely "country".
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