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Price of Harbin heat addition executes coal to heat up price linkage to will mak
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Bureau of Harbin city price will hold a hearing recently, put forward to association of city heat addition " the application that executes coal to heat up price linkage about townsman heat addition " undertake publicity hearing of witnesses.

Regard typical Gao Han as the area, harbin has time of half an year to lie among a year heating period, heat addition problem is masses the directest, most problem of the care, realest the people's livelihood. As a result of coal price
The sources of energy such as case and electrovalency rises in price, area of together with heat addition compares main body of dispersive, heat addition relatively more wait for a reason, the situation that working face of Harbin city heat addition faces this year is very grim.

According to introducing, this second the hearing represents 33, by consumer, operator, National People's Congress scholar of committee member of delegate, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, expert is mixed the delegate composition of concerned branch. Hearing audit represents 10, collect publicly to the society, every attends audit to represent of one's own accord, by choose generation orderly early or late, till the specified amount is full.

On the special subject conference that in the research that held a few days ago deploy heat addition works, harbin city makes clear a requirement, concerned branch and various government, each unit want to take seriously highly, been sure to have caught with all one's strength today heat addition of wintry Ming Chun works, the circumstance that appears to the likelihood wants to be forecasted actively, make, perfect and fulfil stoutly have specific aim, creative countermeasure measure, can let masses suffer aspic have a hard time anything but.

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