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Muping by "heating area of" charges excluding pool area
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This winter, Muping prosper within the heating zone, heating and honest source Yitong heating the three heating units, heating area will exceed 3 million square meters. Click "heating area," the fee excluding pool area, really allows users to get benefits. It is understood that this winter heating Muping district heating charges in accordance with the area (net floor area outside the pool area and the stairs) to receive, and heating as standard and ZHIFU. According to Lin Hua prosperous manager of the company is estimated heating calculation, and some relatively large pool area of the district, according to heating area charges, net of pool area and outdoor stairs, charging area can be less twenty or thirty square meters, the public is very concerned cost, heating cost savings of several hundred dollars. At present, since November 15 Muping District heating has been prosperous heating, heating and honest source Yitong the three heating units heat source sufficient coal, heating the normal, the public generally better reflect the heat this winter.
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