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Zhengzhou prices bureau rejects to announce cost of price of heating power compa
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Does Zhengzhou prices bureau reject to announce cost of price of heating power company to which kinds be? ?

A few days ago, branch of Zhengzhou city price comes out message: Business of this city heating is considering rising in price, the hearing will be held at 20 days, oppugn by the citizen. Many hearing of witnesses check Zhang of central heating cost on behalf of the requirement, but company of Zhengzhou city heating power and bureau of Zhengzhou city price are mutual shuffle, the requirement that hearing of witnesses represents is rejected repeatedly. Still have consumer hope, bureau of Zhengzhou city price announces the price cost of a heating power company of examine and verify, but also be rejected. (" new capital signs up for " reported on October 19)
Serving as the heating power company that has profit end company to reject to announce central heating cost is understandable, but, answer originally as what taxpayer makes offerings to termless the prices bureau of the government sector that serves for taxpayer, is it also rejects to announce heating cost why? This has to let a citizen express doubt to prices bureau. So, the author tries here analytic the reason that Zhengzhou prices bureau rejects to announce heating cost.
Above all, according to author understanding, be in in recent years on all sorts of price hearings, no matter be national,still be local, did not give to the cost of object of hearing of witnesses announce, this is it seems that " convention " , perhaps saying is a kind " go regular " , so Zhengzhou prices bureau has courage and boldness very hard to break this to plant " convention " " go regular " , dare not become the first to eat crab, be worldly wise and make oneself safe. If Zhengzhou prices bureau announced heating cost really, certainly will brings an influence to heating business, also can be come from the pressure that relevant perhaps section and each respect head ranking department, this is place of bureau of prices of level of a city it seems that cannot susceptive.
Next, although be opposite industrial product, farming a cost of by-product, utility and analysis of marketing cost investigation are prices bureau basic function, but the result that must not announce investigation clearly to analyse however, perhaps look in prices bureau these data are confidential, it is the secret cannot be announced of course made public. So, the price cost of the heating power company that although have a hearing,announces an examine and verify on behalf of bureau of price of requirement Zhengzhou city and be rejected. So, whether do this accord with what apply since May 1 this year " information of government of People's Republic of China makes public byelaw " requirement, hope to be able to make an explanation about the branch, in order to solve the be puzzled of broad citizen.
Again, prices branch whether to wait to be put in profit impact with heating power company after all? It seems that everybody thinks prices branch is clear water goverment office in feudal China, ignored prices branch to coach in the government however the vast power of the respect such as valence and governmental price. Product value affects a business (include partial institution) gain level, the enterprise can think method to intervene as interest group nature the price action of prices branch, this does not eliminate the happening of corrupt behavior among them, and the prices branch that believes to be made offerings to by taxpayer can be taxpayer seek interest certainly the biggest the people that change appears more innocent and naive. Want, we treat prices branch in light of the true view that must use doubt now.
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