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Quality of Shenyang heat addition does not amount to mark to will retreat cost t
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Quality of Shenyang heat addition does not amount to mark to will retreat cost to solve heating to pledge valence nots agree with problem

The citizen expresses, this kind of mechanism is cogent the issue that considered heating quality to supervise, but the system of tripartite appraisal that hopes to make effective, solve heating thoroughly " qualitative price nots agree with " problem.
The reporter undertook communication with the consumer delegate that should attend this hearing yesterday, this delegate expresses, to be being moved on heating cost this year and of policy of form a complete set build, already was in at present the think of a way that seeks a citizen extensively, and its also draft according to these idea a topic of 5 large central issues, of the proposal that hopes to collect heating problem to the citizen through our newspaper and problem settle way, so that bring the citizen's sound to the hearing, "Be different from other industry hearing for price of warm color tone, the attention of common people is spent very tall " .

Does 1   press the central issue submit an expense account collected fees reasonable not?

Press current hearing reference price, civilian curtilage heating will have submit an expense account door 28 yuan / square metre, blame submits an expense account door 25 yuan / square metre two kinds of standards, standard of cost of blame residence heating is 31 yuan / square metre.
Statistic: Receive citizen meaning to see 97 in all, it is 94 % to scale instead among them, supportive scale is 6 % .
Young lady of proposal citizen the Qin Dynasty: Discriminative price should establish policy of form a complete set, will give otherwise hand in cost actually to cause a trouble. For instance the unit submits an expense account according to class of different length of service, post heating cost, oneself can submit an expense account only the heating cost of 60 square metre, additionally 30 square metre are assumed by the individual, press completely submit an expense account a standard collect fees unreasonable.
Gentleman of citizen the Song Dynasty: Center heating to whole town " hot " , should not install civilian distinguish a price curtilage, and limit a standard to should be " heating quality " and rather than " the newspaper does not submit an expense account " , if be not,submit an expense account door hand in 25 yuan / the heating cost of square metre can open spigot, why should press 28 yuan again / does square metre close submit an expense account door money?
Citizen plum young lady: "Hot " it is commodity, if want to serve as welfare should the whole people submits an expense account, should exit the market otherwise, whether does the unit submit an expense account now and submit an expense account standard all skimble-scamble, by " the newspaper does not submit an expense account " distinction fixes a price, lack operates a basis.

Does Chen Qian of 2   enterprise want the central issue does the individual bury sheet?
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