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Steel wire warms project and ground warm the action in construction and note
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One, the steel wire that introduces us to use above all, be in according to manufacturing technology not the cold-drawing below the circumstance of anneal comes out, use material is mild steel character, should call low carbon cold-drawing steel wire so.
2, the norms of steel wire: Go to the lavatory to production is carried and be used at present, the norms of steel wire grows 2m for wide 1m* , bore diameter is 10*10cm, 12.5*12.5cm, 15*15cm, 20*20cm, 25*25cm, 30*30cm, base area warms this the span that provides installation will decide. The diameter of steel wire: What use generally speaking according to needing to decide is the steel wire of diametical 2.0mm-4.0mm, some projects need those who raise the area to bear ability, steel wire a little a few thicker, achieve 3.0-4.0mm, the family is decorated use 2.0mm commonly the following OK, the workshop of the factory or the car sells an exhibition hall to want to use 3.0mm above etc, because the ground wants to put the goods such as a few very heavy machines, what we raise the area with a few thicker steel wire is local bearing ability.

3, steel wire warms medium action
1. secures tubal material: In steel wire of laid of adiabatic layer surface piece plunge into with nylon bring fixed canal capable person, the characteristic is construction speed faster, location is exact, effect of whole of installation tubal material is good.
What 2. strengthens the area is local bearing ability: The room with ground bigger load waits in job shops, garage, the ground is warm with steel wire piece the integral strength that can increase ground construction layer, avoid ground craze, cave in to wait.
3. accelerates medicinal powder hot speed: Because the thermal conductivity of iron is stronger,such grounds come loose heat is very even
4. prevents ground chap: Steel wire must be put in the canal it is good above material to be compared among concrete (reason of cracked of ground chap ceramic tile is need not steel wire, 2 it is ground concrete is irrigated build too thin, concrete is irrigated build should be in 4-5cm above)

The application below 5. special environment:
Height of A, room is insufficient, net of heat addition heating reduces adiabatic layer thickness to reduce ground construction height, secure tubal material directly with steel wire.
Local and B, epispastic cement is unqualified, cannot secure tubal material, secure tubal material with steel wire.
The toilet in construction of C, epispastic cement cannot block a hammer to secure tubal material with steel wire, because steel wire blocks a hammer to be able to destroy waterproof layer likely, should use steel wire to secure tubal material so.

4, some ground warm engineering design uses two-way steel wire, fluctuate namely two steel wire, method of this kind of design is the most reasonable, but can raise not little construction cost, this should be decided according to particular case. (Why to say this kind of design is the most reasonable? We will make a common figure of speech, the roof of present building is the spot is irrigated build, what the reinforcing steel bar inside uses is two to fluctuate, the reinforcing steel bar of 12mm is below, the reinforcing steel bar that 8mm is above is designed this kind is to increase the intensity of housetop to prevent housetop prolapse, the ground is warm in the center using two-way steel wire also is same argument)
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