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Floor heating needs a certain number of settlement problem analysises in technic
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Floor heating needs a certain number of settlement problem analysises in technical promotion
of Zhang Jili of Chen Haibo of Sun Dexing of Harbin Institute of Technology is current problem of key of a few when floor heating popularizes the place in development quickly to encounter main techniques undertakes preliminary discuss, offer a few methods that solve a problem and proposal. These problems include: The problem of calorific quantity computation of floor surface, problem of room thermic load, the optimal ply problem of fill layer, do not fasten altogether to use heat source issue with radiator, decorate a layer to finalize the design with the ground of floor heating form a complete set plan and bear press issue of construction of layer of heat preservation ground. The energy-saving problem that pair of floor heating return in article undertook preliminary analysis. One, introductive
Heating of radiate of floor of microtherm hot water is a kind of admirable room heats means, alive bound each district has numerous user. To till 1994, the house that Korea has 85% about builds furnish heating room system of radiate of floor of microtherm hot water, this one word is in Canada 65% , switzerland is 48% , germany is 41% , france is 20% , japan regards heating of radiate of floor of microtherm hot water as the act that improves people living quality, the house that did not set heating of radiate of floor of microtherm hot water sells floor heating harder. Already also showed the sign of swift and violent development in our country north.
About the advantage of floor heating, there already was a large number of treatise in document. Researching a field, already did much work domestic and internationally. Already also had standard of a few places, industry standard about the design, national level is editing in. However, the author is in the many project practice that pursues personally, feel current the domestic research about means of this kind of heating is not quite thorough still, insufficient system, still have a few main technical segment is theoretic unsharpness, reliable basis is lacked in practice. Report makes in current a few levels the person feels it is mature in that way to still do not have radiator heating far. Be in at present already a lot of content in standards of some a lot of place and industry standard are to be copied each other, get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, serve as a basis without enough research foundation. Raise these questions with this article especially, offer initial view, with deliberate of person of the same trade.
2, the calorific capacity issue of floor surface
The calorific quantity of floor surface is one of the mainest parameter in the design. To this one problem, already had begun much research domestic and internationally.
However these research still appear insufficient net of heat addition heating. Some research are undertaking conducting heat when the numeric imitate of the process, coefficient and coefficient of equivalent radiate heat exchange take the convection heat exchange in opposing requirement of floor surface border to be worth to decide, and the function that actually they are floor surface temperature and room temperature. Additionally a lot of research just have numeric computation or test in the light of some structure, and actually the floor structure that a variety of doing not have is having different diathermancy can.
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