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A few cultivate land warm the function of PE-Xa PE-Xb PE-RT tubal material is co
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The function of PE-Xa PE-Xb PE-RT of material of warm canal of a few cultivate land compares Heibei day peaceful the tubal material that at present home uses of Li Deshun of new-style limited company tubal material at ground radiate heating basically has PE-Xa, PE-Xb, PE-RT, also a few use PPR and PB canal material, all sorts of property that manage material have certain difference, do now in order to compare. The function contrast of tubal material is expressed:The comparison of one PE-Xa and PE-Xb 1, PE-Xa flexibility is better, be helpful for construction, chemical bond is carbon - carbon bolts (C-C) join, thermal stability is good, and PE-Xb joins for silicon oxygen key (Si-O-Si) join, stability is inferior at PE-Xa. 2, PE-Xa finishs cross-linking in the synchronism in cramming a course, cross-linking is stabilized equably; And PE-Xb is crowded piece there is cross-linking after shaping, need puts cross-linking canister to add high temperature, tall wet undertake cross-linking 2 times, manufacturing technology is sophisticated operating ring section is trival, taller to requirement of equipment, raw material, technology, when using homebred equipment and raw material especially, stability is worse. 3, PE-Xa production technology is advanced, automation rate is high, percent of pass is tall, n is tall; PE-Xb is stronger to factitious element dependence, percent defective is taller, cost apportion enters the price, make the price and value deviation range bigger. The comparison of 2 PE-RT and PPR 1, from on one column can see the density of the watch, the density low 0.043 g/cm3 that PP-R is in charge of the density of material to provide material than PE-RT this PP-R provides this interest the integrated intensity of material and the rate that appear oxygen is low 4.6% . 2, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of PP-R is in charge of material low 0.17w/m.k than PE-RT, as medicinal powder material of hot special tube, mean PP-R to be in charge of material to be in charge of material to waste the sources of energy of 42.5% more than PE-RT. 3, from on of the watch be able to bear or endure impact resistance of microtherm function, low temperature and frost resistance can see in 3 column, microtherm is fragile change temperature to differ 55-60 ℃ , to material of ground warm canal character construction and the winter protection in using are crucial, and our country north is major temperature of area winter lowest under - 15 ℃ , and PP-R canal is in - 15 ℃ are the following fragile already change, if have outside force,collision damages extremely easily. 4, from on the watch curves difficult easy sex can see in one column, the radius of bend of PP-R canal material is unfavorable, the ground warms the pipeline in construction bends more, flexibility is all in all, radius of bend crosses a general of great influence pipeline bend normally, often short of blueprint designs a requirement, and the biggest radius of bend can reach PE-RT canal capable person external diameter of 5 times canal, this warms to the ground construction brought great advantage. 5, from on watch join means can see in one column, PP-R canal can heat up frit join only, this gives construction in with other data equipment cooperate to use caused inconvenience, and PE-RT canal material can heat up frit to join but mechanical join, this is in construction can cooperate to use with other data arbitrarily, maintenance of net of heating of the maintenance of in use, heat addition is very convenience more. 3 PB are in charge of material to accept its thermal conductivity and the restriction that curve function, the applied scale in warming is less and less. The 4 property that manage material as a result of PE-Xa are stable, sexual price is compared tall, the first selection that already made ground heating provides material, occupy our country heating to use tubal gross at present 75% the left and right sides. Material of 5 PE-RT canal is being satisfied be able to bear or endure on lukewarm sex and the foundation that curve a gender, have good quality stability and impact resistance, its additionally convenient join way also reduced in the future maintenance cost, warm canal is the choice of risk lowest undoubtedly in material, already became the nova in ground warm canal.
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