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It is inevitable that the ground warms tubal material rises in price? The reason
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Recently, author phone sought advice from a few ground to warm tubal material produces the sale controller of the enterprise, everybody expresses consistently, it is inevitable that the ground warms tubal material rises in price, just be in specific on the extent that rise in price somewhat difference. With respect to PE-Xa canal character, some company producer price are adjusted now it is every meters 2.3 yuan, every meters some is 2.25 yuan, some went up every meters 2.38 yuan. Although the price rose, but company profit space as before scanty, this basically is caused by reason of the following respects.

   Raw material price rises situation is swift and violent

According to upper reaches of catenary of ground warm industry, middle reaches and downstream classification, the raw material tubal material such as chemistry of Korea LG chemistry, American contented family name and Hunan petrifaction supplies an enterprise to belong to upriver enterprise, water of hammer of tubal material, card, cent implement, lukewarm accuse implement wait for material to produce manufacturer to belong to middle reaches enterprise, what the ground warms construction company is in this industry catenary is downstream.
As all sorts of raw material prices rose all the way 2007, raw material of ground warm canal also begins to go up tone. Homebred raw material is in the blank of this respect, go up objectively the raw material company that creates abroad is in the monopoly position that goes up somehow, the nature on their warm industry catenary can be behaved quite strongly. Not only it is raw material, machinery of material of canal of a few birth, production and cement are epispastic the foreign company of machine is different also level land is existing similar forestall phenomenon.
Go up in raw material price a larger base on, the ground warms industrial data manufacturer is done very hard, if the enterprise does not raise the price, can maintain forcedly below small gain only, it is deficit even.

   Manufacturing cost is increased ceaselessly

New " labor contract law " come on stage, offerred unprecedented test to a lot of small and medium sized business. According to before convention, the devoted place that the enterprise is using at respect of employee material benefits holds proportion very small, even company of pattern of great majority mill gives the endowment insurance on employee far from, should not say more " one gold of 5 danger " . But came on stage on January 1, 2008 " labor contract law " raised strict requirement to this, rise to legal height. This lets industry employer must face the huge investment that creates because of improving treatment of employee material benefits.
Again pay of cost of together with charge of electricity, water, worker also is rising ceaselessly, the manufacturing cost of the enterprise all the way violent wind rises, and the only way that settles these cost factors is a product rise in price. The miniature tube material that relies on low price operation as to those produces a business, will maintain hard later manage.
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