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A few problems in application of warm system of land of heating of film of micro
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A few problems in application of electric heat film [land warm system]

Microtherm spoke radio heats up velar land warm system, say again " embedded heating room system " , it is with semiconductor material reachs base material (polyester film) the film that makes is calorific material, installation reachs the floor at the ceiling of the building, wall inside, the surface uses plasterboard to wait not to light material to enclothe, calorific component embeds completely inside the building, it is the land warm system of the sources of energy with electric energy.

Ground heating system has safe and protective environment, efficient, cent door control of room of metric, cent, comfortable sex is taller, save the characteristic such as interior space, be in Euramerican and extensive applying, it is a kind of mature heating system technology. In last few years, as the buildup of the development of our country economy and environmental protection consciousness, system of heating of electric heat film receives the application of large area in northern region.

Electric heat film is in Euramerican although have,30 years sale examines, but, a brand-new heating regards as the technology in China, still a few people popularize this system to support distrustful attitude to large area. For this, dog what use a case actually through user of warm to abundantly system the conclusion that investigation reachs states as follows:

One, this heating room system is used inside energy-saving building aptly

3 minutes of heating 7 divide heat preservation and the relevant specification according to building a department, energy-saving building saves the sources of energy of 50% above than doing not have the building of heat preservation measure, especially electric energy serves as high quality the sources of energy, the price of unit heat energy wants than coal fired a few taller, accordingly, should take seriously more energy-saving.

The ground warms the system regards advanced heating as means, want as good as heat preservation building form a complete set to use ability to obtain favorable result. Because indoor should protect appropriate temperature, must rely on electric energy to maintain hot balance. Actually, through the quantity of heat of structural be lost is being safeguarded outside the building, it is the electric energy that waste. Accordingly, reduce the hot loss of the building as far as possible, the heat preservation that the structure maintains outside adding a building defends handle, warm to the ground use and promotion have very important sense.

Carry out a proof, if the heat preservation short of of the building is energy-saving architectural standard, the charge of land warm system can be compared certainly tall, accordingly, the ground that bear the blame warms manufacturer home is negotiating contract when requirement user must external the wall undertakes heat preservation is handled. Will consider from the angle of the user, undertaking heat preservation handle is net of heating of one-time investment heat addition only, and economic energy resources is thing of a few years, also be extraordinary be to one's profit economically.
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