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Floor of type of Europe of heating of ground of new-style heating means and floo

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The ground is warm regard a kind of new-style heating as means, with its the advantage such as comfortable, energy-saving, healthy, environmental protection, make the heating product that consumer favors. The expert points out, the ground warms the choice of the floor affects heating result directly.

When choosing ground warm floor, a lot of consumer think, it is good that floor of the heat of the earth's interior should jump over Bao Yue. The floor with lesser ply, suit the thermal conductivity of the ground more really, but the ply that the ply of the floor does not represent watch board. A few businessmen change a concept secretly, will lie of product of watch board off quality calls floor board of the heat of the earth's interior, buy this kind of floor board not only the effect with won't make the ground warms play goes out better, can affect the durable rate of watch board instead.

The floor on the market, can divide floor of the type that it is Europe and floor of Han day type according to floor width and ply two kinds. The household structure that floor of Han day type basically is aimed at Korea, Japan and daily life habit are designed and become, what the floor uses is 3 millimeter - 6 millimeter ply, relatively feeble. Be in Korea and Japan, the bedroom area of the room is relatively cabinet, net of heat addition heating and be used to according to the daily daily life of Korea, Japan, the person is barefoot walks normally in the bedroom, reduced the shoe attrition to the floor so, because this does not want a floor very solid. Europe type floor basically is the bedroom structure according to European family and design of place of habits and customs, floor ply should be more than floor of Han day type 5 to of 7 times, and answer to the use demand of the floor in Chinese life more deflection at European country.

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