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Search the ground to warm the sale of the industry is nodded from inside poor di
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Search the ground to warm the sale of the industry is nodded from inside poor dissimilation of domestic north and south---Lucky lustre runs line of business Fourth faithful bright Before long, somebody published north of the person austral “ of a group of new terms to resemble on the net ” resembles south ” and “ north person. Respecting southern, people is common video it is astute, meticulous, gentle and weak, delicate; And should tell northerner shadow to resemble, can associate again straightforward, forthright, air, hale etc. Once somebody amlposition, then, meet immediately somebody locates his resemble ” at north of the person austral “ or ” and so on resembles south “ north person. Warm oneself in the winter, this is in northern region is those who live is indispensible. Our country with a vast territory, climate by north Xiang Na difference in temperature is very big, 3 north area is traditional heating area, and the Yellow River with south, the Yangtse River is critical area with north, can not heating area, and again Xiang Na is but complete not heating area, from this, the winter of catchment of the Yangtse River warms oneself establishment is decided to be luxury. But, the southern that live in northward winter and has lived, can experience Gan Shuang, lukewarm thaw comfortable. And northerner winter arrives southern (point to catchment of the Yangtse River) , that did not have a law to pass, the sort of wet cold, get a heart biting cold, what hide without the place outside cold room back room is cold, it is very terrible. Hear weather forecast, air temperature is not quite low, in zero above, but always be the feeling forbids, seem to be in 10 degrees 0 times. As the addition of people economy income, of life quality rise to already was placed in quite of halfway crowd before, how to improve living environment, it is the key of all joy, comfortable life, people has served as not simply from living space measure a level exclusively, pay attention to wintry warm Xia Liang however, constant temperature of the four seasons, constant is wet, air is clean, energy-saving environmental protection, safe, and ask intelligence is changed, can accuse a program to change an operation to wait. Because north and south just warms to “ the concept of ” has,fasten, more because “ lives,the difference of ” and “ life ” is changed, caused the ground warm person that will warm with “ ” serves as profession and career, in face district “ correctly to warm culture ” , “ warms the poor dissimilation sale when demand ” locates especially important. The ground that is a delegate with Shanghai, Chongqing is warm from personnel of course of study, of its sale theory the a bitth be: I can solve the problem of your place need and care for you; 2 o'clock is: I will let the net of heating of thing heat addition that you know to you should know; 3 o'clock is: You get will be …… not just; 4 o'clock is: Unique uniqueness, reveal exalted, Wang Zhe the concept of wind model. In these area, want avoid the following diction: Good in quality and cheap in price; Sexual price is compared highest; My company already installed N door inside the village that you live, they say very good; My company's annual construction area is in hundred thousands of meters of above, from personnel of course of study how many number waits. The other day, in Zhengzhou the place in holding “ warms domestic ” of the person establishs the clearance of congress, heard a paragraph of conversations of Wei of warm the Song Dynasty of Chongqing Guo rain during springtime and Heibei climate ground: …………Guo: Our Chongqing does the ground to warm have a level, ” of abbreviation “ Guo Biao, namely ” of standard of “ Guo rain during springtime, the Song Dynasty: I ask you, how much do you do one year to make the same score rice? Guo: A few, about a hundred project, about a hundred make the same score rice, also on 1000 make the same score rice, have … probably in all…The Song Dynasty: So little? Guo: How much do you do one year then? The Song Dynasty: 30 arrive 400 thousand smooth rice. ……I was listening to feel very interesting aside, without episode. This year May, shanghai is begun meeting, meeting Wu group invites me to join exhibit, ginseng exhibit cost very favourable, I reply is: Shanghai does not have my market, I am joined without idea exhibit. Because Laozhang wants what I just go to do the 3rd Bo Youhui,going later is. Shanghai ground is warm be in charge of with what, the ground of Shanghai warms the project includes what item, the construction craft with Shanghai warm ground how, this northern to be in company, especially northeastern for the ground warm person that does the ground to warm, want to know very much certainly. The writer opened Chinese ground warm network in Shanghai that day during the 3rd Bo Youhui, favour heard a paragraph of introduction of stationmaster of Lin Feng of Shanghai ground warm net, feel suddenly a blue sky. Warm so still can so do! Have cannot the phenomenon of oversight, southern land warm company, mortality is too tall, and northern land warms the company wants only rise to absolutely refuse to, consider vivid indolence fast, but can put subsist eventually. Still have an appearance, northward warm company sees southern warm interest is alluring, in also joining southern warm development, go, surviving rate is not high also. Have again even if, southern ground warms the firm kills to also do not go up north takes a project. The ground is warm northeastern call the heat of the earth's interior, and be afraid in south should be called the new expression of other again. Often see on the net a few new faces are shown recently, company name also is multifarious, blame with “ environment ” 2 words regard an enterprise as property be in the majority. OK and fatidical, be in not far in the future, radiator, air conditioning, add lukewarm implement, machine of take a breath, include the ground to warm, will become to kiss, will be combined by a kind of new form eventually a system, perhaps call a building energy-saving environment compositive system. This article I did not spread out my write, the reason is not my Laoding is guarded, think cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions however, hope for can guide derivative south, boreal ground is warm big PK! Our wait and see what happens!

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