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Equipment of core of independent heating room system, hanging furnace lights cha
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The development of a lot of 2 class cities, attracted more and more people to be devoted into " the ground is warm " come in this industry that is full of a hope. The core equipment that regards southern region as independent heating room system, hanging furnace, caused everybody naturally more attention. The analysis of the reviewing that the article hopes to pass pair of hanging furnace to develop the history and characteristic of function of furnace of distinct category hanging, make can correct, development knows everybody equipment of this one core.

Of hanging furnace derive with development

The furnace of hanging burning gas that we weigh normally is a kind of small-sized boiler, its standard name should is " furnace of hot water of heating burning gas " . Build occupation standard CJ/T228-2006 according to town of People's Republic of China " furnace of hot water of heating burning gas " limits regulation, light those who enrage furnace of heating hot water to limit for: "Rated hot input is less than 70kW, job of the biggest heating is hydraulic be less than 0.3MPa, atelier water is warm do not be more than 95 ℃ , use atmosphere type burner or fan assists the appliance with burner of type air type or the heating amphibious hot water that mix type burner beforehand completely, also apply to odd heating appliance. " furnace of hanging burning gas is by furnace of be born burning gas (common calls caldron furnace) the product that derives. Before big, medium-sized boiler because volume is huge, systematic design, installation is complex, need professional installation, together with cost is high, suit common, small family civil residence to use not quite. As Europe the construction of small-sized and common, civil residence grows 559 time, need a kind of structure is more compact, compositive change rate Gaojuan is installed, hold accuse simple, convenient small-sized boiler. The change of structure of the sources of energy of together with Europe, the clean the sources of energy such as fuel, natural gas receives wide application, furnace of hanging burning gas with respect to emerge as the times require.

Furnace of hanging burning gas is main by combustion system, heat exchange system, control system and all sorts of safe protector composition.

To satisfy a structure compact, bulk asks cabinetly, hanging furnace will burn a powerful person of 3 machine, heat exchanger, water pump, a powerful person, relief valve, filling water, by-pass valve, exhaust valve, expand switch of lukewarm probe of electrode of coal tub, heat exchange aqueduct, proportioning valve burning gas, ignition, of all kinds feeling, discharge, be restricted lukewarm switch, , take gas and smoke evacuation issue definitely for solution, still increased fan and wind pressure poor switch to wait. Normally hanging furnace returns obligate outside the furnace temperature that receive boiler accuses implement terminal, a little high-grade hanging furnace returns obligate the terminal of the climate compensator that can adjust delivery temperature according to change of the temperature outdoor, still some even obligate network interface, future can pass the service center of network terminal and factory undertake man-machine interaction. Contemporary hanging furnace has a lot of automata and safe protector more, be like: Leak of the flameout protection, protection that lack water, overheat protection, flue gas is protected, even still ************ feels protection to wait, safe order and degree is very high. In the aftershock that here Ci Wenchuan big ************ causes, the hanging furnace in a lot of client homes appeared to lock up the safeguard of machine automatically, showing these safe protector is effective.
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