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Index of tripartite face function decides whether the floor suits ground warm he
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Index of tripartite face function decides whether the floor suits ground warm heating

The ground is warm as environmental protection model warm oneself means gets gradually of consumer love, the arrival with warm ground also makes the floor had new function requirement. The floor on the market is a lot of more phyletic now, but the floor that wants to choose a kind to suit the ground to warm has however exquisite.

It is dimension stability is close friends above all. The part that this wants to see a floor collects density to reach inside combinative strength, combinative strength is jumped over inside tall, demonstrative floor bears the ability that temperature changes is better, unapt happening the phenomenon such as craze.

It is formaldehyde releases a quantity to cannot exceed bid next. When floor of consumer preference terrestrial heat, must choose the floor board with formaldehyde low content as far as possible, because temperature is higher, formaldehyde releases a quantity more, inside the bedroom that closes relatively, the formaldehyde that causes plus indoor and other goods is released, indoor formaldehyde can exceed bid likely, cause a harm to human body. Still have the brand that heat can offer to conduct coefficient on the market at present namely not much, consumer wants when buy advertent. The product with general expensive coefficient is better in function of heat conduction respect.

In addition, consumer still should choose small size product as far as possible, such product heat is out of shape even. The product that selects well-known trademark commonly has safeguard more on character. Net of heat addition heating

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