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Carbolic brilliant ground warms calorific efficiency service life surmounts elec
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Carbolic brilliant board technology of microtherm radiate heating, realized ground warm industry the 3rd times revolutionary span, it not only overcame carbon fiber material to bury the fatal flaw in setting in the building, still installing speed, calorific means, be able to bear or endure ground of data of the water that the tradition surmounted in the round on effect of Hou index, heating and energy-saving efficiency, report is warm technology. Carbolic brilliant ground warms calorific efficiency and service life surmount electric heat film, calorific cable greatly.

Carbolic brilliant ground warms is an original creation model the invention is patent, it is a way that there is an outlook very much in material of planar electric heat, below the action of electric field, the carbolic brilliant that has semiconductor character produces microseism kinetic friction to give out heat, so it is had warm up rapid, heat up even advantage, still can produce many and abundant far infrared ray, and carbolic brilliant board need not principle of silk of traditional electric heat is calorific, without the problem that data fails, rate of electric heat changeover is 98% . Its characteristic is security tall, energy-saving and apparent, the mainest is temperature rises to be mixed quickly life is very long, and very high intensity can be achieved after its surface passes special processing, can develop the ground material that out gives out heat all right even.

Once come out,carbolic brilliant ground warms, already its economy is energy-saving, comfortable safety, healthy the prominent dominant position such as environmental protection is eye-catching, times wife getting job person the favour of praise highly and increasing user, make the first selection that the form a complete set such as uptown, villatic, hotel, guild hall decorates high end. Net of heat addition heating

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