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Epispastic cement is reached in blemish of quality of ground heating constructio

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Epispastic cement uses as the thermal insulation of heating of radiate of ground of microtherm hot water, have its distinct advantage, have compressive strength not only tall, coefficient of thermal conductivity is stability of low, chemical function, environmental protection, changeless the advantage such as form, and make level layer and heat-insulation layer at an organic whole, construction is fast, cost is low, it is one of optimal choices of ground warm thermal insulation.
---Chun Peng of Mou Shining Lv

But, epispastic cement is not a factory to turn production, need to be in construction of building site field work, consequently, product quality is existing very big difference. A little epispastic cement is essential the physical function index with due short of, this makes the user generates a variety of question: Epispastic cement heat preservation? Does epispastic cement have strength? Is epispastic cement usable? Go down so, be sure to bring serious effect to epispastic cement market. What problem to basically exist in construction of so epispastic cement?

One, epispastic cement water consumption is overmuch, bring about quantity of epispastic cement total constitution to drop.

Everybody knows, water ash compares agitate concrete is a main technical index. When the water consumption of to hydrate reaction that exceeds cement when water consumption, water consumption is bigger, concrete strength is lower. When water consumption is too big, still can bring about concrete to appear the blemish such as loose, break. Accordingly, mixing in controlling concrete process, answer to control water consumption as far as possible, use the method that adds the agent that decrease water when necessary, will assure the quality of concrete. Epispastic cement is a kind of concrete, same need controls water consumption. Can be in actual construction, the water consumption of a little epispastic cement cannot get effective control, once water consumption exceeds certain range, cement can produce phenomenon of apparent precipitation separation. Net of heat addition heating makes epispastic cement appears fluctuation density not divide evenly one, exterior intensity is low, ground floor has the drawback such as a grout layer. Additional, overmuch moisture is in cement can evaporate slowly in caky process, the space that after evaporating, stays is the aperture that connect and does not close, very adverse to heat preservation effect. Accordingly, overmuch water consumption is extremely harmful to epispastic cement. Can some of construction company knowledge is less than this, to add its liquidity, facilitating construction, water ash comparing matchs very greatly, return call it by a good name of " take its natural course is peaceful " . The index of important physics function such as the coefficient of thermal conductivity that this brought about epispastic cement, density, compressive strength is very inaccessible due requirement.

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