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The noun explains related system of heating of radiate of ground of microtherm h
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1, Low Temperature Hot Water Floor Radiant Heating System of system of heating of radiate of the earth's surface of low tepid water with temperature not the hot water of 60 ℃ of prep above is hot intermediary, flow circularly inside price canal, heat floor, conduct heat with radiation and convective through the ground means the heating means to indoor heat addition.

2, cent water implement Mainfold
In water system all, with the unit matching water that runs feed pipe at joining each heat.

3, catchment implement Mainfold
In water system all, with the unit collecting water that runs feed pipe at joining each heat.

4, facing Surface Course
Building floor bears directly the exterior layer of all sorts of physics and chemistry.

5, Toweling Course of make level layer
Undertake wiping making the same score looking for the tectonic layer of slope on mat layer or floor face.

6, separator Isolating Course

Prevent to build all sorts of liquids on the ground or groundwater, humidity to pass through the tectonic layer of the ground.

7, fill layer Filler Course
The tectonic layer that on adiabatic layer or net of heating of heat addition of floor tool reference plane the setting heats to be in charge of or send pyroelectricity cable to use, in order to protects heating installation and make ground temperature even.

8, adiabatic layer Insulating Course
In order to holds back quantity of heat to deliver, reduce the tectonic layer of invalid hear rate.

9, moistureproof layer Moisture Proofing Course

The tectonic layer that prevents to build the humidity below foundation or floor ground to pass through the ground.

10, adjustable seam Expansion Joint

Layer of compensation concrete fill, superstructure layer and facing expand or the construction that systole uses is seamed.

11, Polyethylene-Aluminum Compound Pipe of aluminous model multiple tube
Lining and outer be cross-linking polyethylene or high temperature resistant polyethylene, intermediate layer is in charge of to enhance aluminium, gum of special heat frit is used between the layer, shape through squeezing of methodological synthesis an organic whole heat canal. Solder according to aluminous canal the method is different, cent receives solder and butt welding to build two kinds of forms, label with XPAP or PAP normally.

12, polybutene is in charge of Polybutylene Pipe

You Juding Xi - 1 colophony adds right amount auxiliary, be in charge of via squeezing a shaping shrink sex to heat, label with PB normally.

13, cross-linking polyethylene is in charge of Cross Linked Polyethlene Pipe

Be more than the polyethylene that is equal to 0.94g/cm3 or ethylene copolymer with density, add right amount auxiliary, adopt the method of chemistry or physics, make its line macromolecule cross-linking becomes three-dimensional and reticulate macromolecule structure heat canal, label with PE-X normally. Differ according to cross-linking means, can divide had been oxide cross-linking polyethylene (PE-Xa) , polyethylene of cross-linking of alkyl of silicon of net of heat addition heating (PE-Xb) , polyethylene of cross-linking of electron beam irradiation (PE-Xc) , occasionally azotic cross-linking polyethylene (PE-Xd) .
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