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Warm a program of air conditioning design is a few more relative problem
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  Warm a program of air conditioning design is a few more relative problem

The bad of actor of success or failure that designs plan to connect air conditioning project to design to warming count for much. In recent years, the rapid development as science and technology and right energy-saving rise ceaselessly with what environmental protection asks, warm plan is devised newly in opening air conditioning field a large number of emerge in large numbers, be aimed at same a design project, a few often can be plant, ten kinds even a few kinds of different design program can choose, design personnel must undertake much program compares the job that picks with actor, economy of design program technology is becoming an influence to warm quite a when connect air conditioning to design quality and efficiency main job. Warm the evaluation ingredient that understands air conditioning to devise plan is very much, very difficult ration states a few elements, a lot of elements are not provided again can compare a gender, program of every kinds of design often has respective actor drawback, face numerous design program, because consider the angle of the problem to differ, each square view often each are not identical, be widely divergent even. A few troubled conditions that exist in designing plan to compare at present make design personnel not know what to do. How to connect air conditioning to design plan to undertake scientific comparison and actor are chosen to warming, it is to warm design personnel is in an air conditioning to design difficult problem of a when often encounter in the job main technique actually. Author basis is engaged in a few experience that graph of design, careful and program evaluation work, a few problems that note to warming in connecting air conditioning to design plan to compare, answer undertake the analysis of shallow.

1, feasibility and but * sex problem can satisfy use requirement, this is the main problem of Lv of plan feasibility take an examination. Design program should accord with country and local government to concern code and normative requirement, include to concern the requirement of environmental protection; The requirement that designs plan to should satisfy concerned respect (wait for) like power supply, air feed, water supply, heat addition, answer special take into account the circumstance of long-term, change of these conditions. Cold bear of thermic load of the current situation of resource of geological situation of place of Lv of the take an examination when using fountainhead to heat up pump to devise plan for example, groundwater and metabolic trend, winter and summer is lopsided the heat that produces (cold) the problem such as save up effect. Taller to the parameter requirement such as temperature and humidity or more special craft sex warms a project of air conditioning design, answer design program to undertake annual operating mode is analysed, the adaptability that with ensuring its are in conditions of all sorts of the weather outdoor issue annual. To a few special cases that cannot use standard device, right nonstandard equipment should raise detailed parameter requirement, and what put forward parameter asks to answer reasonable and feasible. Whether having ample computer room area also is the issue that feasibility of judge design program must consider, especially to a few circumstances that transform project and floor area to compare insecurity. The main project that assures indoor air parameter to annual of a few requirements and breakdown of air conditioning system stop machine general to produce serious losing place, be like spaceflight emissive field, the job of the equipment in system of Lv of take an examination but * sex and backup problem, undertake the system works but * sex analysis. Below this kind of circumstance, parameter of the atmosphere outdoor and safety factor are decided really also answer special consideration.
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