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Midsummer is spent peacefully! Guideline of choose and buy of air conditioning o
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Of air conditioning differentiate model and its are complex, have 1P, big 1P, 1.5P, big 1.5P, return cent to wait to register type and cabinet form. Does so how old room choose how old air conditioning to just be used quite? What 1P points to is refrigerating capacity is 2250W, 2P is 4500W, if air conditioning is 3500w, 3500W/2250W calls big 1.5p. 1p air conditioning is applicable area 10 ~ 15 square metre, 1.25p air conditioning is applicable 10 ~ 19 square metre, 1.5P air conditioning is applicable 16 ~ 26 square metre, 1.7P air conditioning is applicable 15 ~ 30 square metre, 2P air conditioning is applicable 20 ~ 37 square metre, 3p air conditioning is applicable 30 ~ 58 square metre.

How does type of brand of numerous air conditioning change to choose?

According to the introduction above, the actual condition with your home should be OK and affirmatory anthology how old the air conditioning that P counts, so next we are about to begin a choose and buy, what thing should notice among them? Let us look together.

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"Should be certain above all brand "
"Want to choose good businessman next "
"Should choose can the air conditioning with effect tall comparing "
"Of air conditioning beautiful very important also "
"Vigilant air conditioning the machine outdoor " black heart is in charge of " "
"Analytic and main brand is tasted newly sell a site "
"Air conditioning omits report 10 big doohickey "
"Notice air conditioning even finally clean "

At present home appliance sells the air conditioning in field the brand very much, have home, have abroad, have oneself distinctive advertisement conduct propaganda mostly, let consumer be chosen hard. Small make up a proposal to want to pick those company actual strength when air conditioning of choose and buy strong, the trademark is well-known degree tall, the product with perfect after service.

It is above all can assure after service fulfil, because air conditioning is a kind of large electric home appliances Previous12 Next

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