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Two crucial questions in assessment of performance of APF of unit type air condi
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" unit type air adjusts machine " GB/T17758-1999 standard has edited at undertaking 2007 and the newspaper is approved, be about to come on stage. Influence wind is cold model the element of index of assessment of performance of APF of unit type air-conditioner divides performance data of air conditioning oneself outside, still include " building bear line " and " the use hour number of air conditioning distributings " two elements. According to Chinese national condition, we had quantitative research to these two elements, edit for GB/T17758-1999 standard provided academic basis. Origin: Electric equipment author: Star of article of stone of Wei of Yan Chengchu Zhao

As the development of technology of refrigeration air conditioning, equipment of cold air conditioning of system of quantities of gearshift, transfiguration makes the research of the industry and development focal point gradually, gearshift, transfiguration measures unit type air adjustment machine (air conditioning of type of unit of the following abbreviation) the proportion that holds in Chinese refrigeration industry is larger and larger, and made 1999 " unit type air adjusts machine " GB/T17758-1999 standard has not consider this kinds of product. Progress to advance the technology of the industry, the GB in implementation marchs toward international to have a kind first definitely, conform with international, committee of technology of standardization of equipment of countrywide refrigerant air conditioning passes two years of much effort, undertook editing to GB/T17758-1999 (edit the standard has signed up for batch) , its are important one of change are to use season energy-saving effect index (sheet is cold model with season can effect compares SEER, hot pump use up efficiency APF with annual the sources of energy) the function quota that replaces the nominal refrigeration in original standard or name to make hot operating mode (EER or COP) , more describe wind objectively cold model the function of unit type air conditioning.

From the computation of SEER, APF formula can see, use season when energy-saving effect index will evaluate the performance of unit type air conditioning, must make clear 3 problems: (1) the definition builds bear line; (2) the small duration that defines use air conditioning distributings; (3) research refrigeration and the function curve of the air conditioning when making heat and its test method. Among them, problem (3) it is the common problem that the whole world faces, study achievement can be drawn lessons from each other; And problem (1) with the problem (2) criterion the element such as the average living standard that structure of palisade of the applied district with air conditioning, building, air conditioning uses habit, people has immediate concern, accordingly, to different country, when establishing a standard, must undertake having the research of specific aim, put forward to accord with the data of native national condition or curve. The article is aimed at computation wind is cold model the sources of energy of annual of unit type air conditioning uses up efficiency APF (cold to sheet model air conditioning, use SEER) wants building is cold thermic load line, refrigeration reachs his with the season that make heat each temperature (outside lukewarm) the use Xiaoshi below is counted undertake study, for GB " unit type air adjusts machine " of GB/T17758-1999 edit provided academic basis.
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