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Harbour can the fundamental definition of air conditioning and benefit analyse b

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Harbour can air conditioning, use harbour to equipment does not need energy in air conditioning system or can use quantity of the aux will be able to inside the time with little energy to store namely, in demand of air conditioning system great time releases this part energy. Basis use object and store the discretion of temperature, can divide for harbour cold with accumulation of heat.
1 harbour can be defined
Harbour of 1.1 latent heat can: The heat energy that the place when changing corporeal happening is absorbed or releases stores rise, achieve the result that reduces external temperature thereby.
1.2 ice harbour is cold: Use latent heat labor can principle general cold quantity stores with glacial form rise. Ice of every 1 kilogram becomes water to need to absorb the quantity of heat of 80 kilocalorie.
The 1.3 harbour that show heat can: The heat energy that the place when corporeal happening temperature changes is absorbed or releases stores rise, if the water of higher temperature reduces temperature to need outward bound to release heat energy, achieve the result of elevatory external temperature thereby.
1.4 water harbour is cold / hot: Use the labor that show heat namely can will cold quantity / quantity of heat stores rise. The temperature change that water of every 1 kilogram produces 1 ℃ will be outward the bound is absorbed / the heat energy that releases 1 kilocalorie.

2 harbour can the benefit of air conditioning
1 macroscopical benefitL.1 transfers electric power height to use n, cereal of peak of balance electrified wire netting is poorL.2 decreases build power plant investmentL.3 reduces environmental pollution, be helpful for ecological balanceL.4 makes full use of finite cannot renewable resources
2 microcosmic (user) benefit
2.1 reduce mainframe installed capacity and power to be able to be amounted to 30%- - 50%
The 2.2 installed capacity that reduce cooling tower accordingly and power
2.3 equipment full load runs scale to increase, can raise utilization rate of equipment and installations adequately
2.4 reduce electric power to invest charge, include report to stick ark of cost, transformer, distribution to wait
2.5 use time-sharing electrovalency, can save many moving cost
2.6 can regard lash-up as Leng Yuan, electric power of provide for oneself can be used to start ice of water pump be in harmony to offer when power cut cold

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