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Pay attention to energy-saving environmental protection market of central air co
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Pay attention to energy-saving environmental protection market of central air conditioning erupts technical war

Origin: China produces   of   of classics news newspaper office on May 20 afternoon, land source heats up WFI of Zhejiang peaceful wave in the center of pump air conditioning limited company, the press conference is held in Beijing, high-key release " central air conditioning is energy-saving and enunciative " . Enunciative put forward, solve central sky to increase issue of specific power consumption, the change is offerred can way, use but the sources of energy of second birth cleanness just is essential plan.
According to introducing, in the center of hot pump of WFI land source air conditioning system, it is the product of central air conditioning on the market, in the center of photograph comparing tradition air conditioning, energy-saving be as high as 30 - 50 % , and won't cause pollution to environment.
American brand lands China
Ji Chengfeng of air conditioning general manager introduces Ning Bo WFI in the center of land source hot pump, WFI brand founds 1983, headquarters is located in the United States Yindianna city, the ground that is a major (water) research and development of production of source air conditioning creates a company, have the world top-ranking refrigeration, warm, the ground permutable technology force, it is American ground (water) the occupation standard constitutor of source hot pump, apply generally for global company place, also be Chinese occupation standard make consult one of. WFI masters technology of core of ground source of water first times as the whole world -- the company of technology of technology of major of road of the annulus that shut type, dual system loop, its ground (water) energy-saving air conditioning has the cause the share of North America market of more than 47 % , user satisfaction rate is as high as 98 % .
Current, the antenna of WFI energy-saving air conditioning has spread all over the whole world 30 many countries and area, although famous British Buckingham Palace uses system of air conditioning of its land source. WFI energy-saving air conditioning enters Chinese market to have only a year many short, but took seawater of home of house of Olympic Games caique, home head already successfully to generate electricity the project of system of land source air conditioning of the numerous domain such as Qingdao power plant, your industry is fixed eyes upon. WFI land source heats up pump air conditioning already by Chinese numerous estate the exalted product that business labels high-grade clothbound to install form a complete set to appoint.
The sword points to traditional brand
Investigation shows, central air conditioning is one of large family of traditional specific power consumption, issue of pollution of waste of the sources of energy, environment is outstanding, it is with Chongqing and Shanghai only exemple, the 23 % that n calls to occupy whole town to always use n respectively for nothing in the center of and 31. 1 % . In the meantime, air conditioning needs to wait for cold intermediary to have movement through refrigeration agent in the center of the tradition, undertake to the sources of energy cold heat is changed, want to expend a large number of electric energy, water to be able to wait for resource not only, still can be opposite in changeover of the sources of energy circumjacent environment causes pollution. In addition, inevitable meeting occurrence loss is returned in energy changeover.
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