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Use correctly of summertime car air conditioning with maintain method

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Use correctly of summertime car air conditioning maintain method

1, people knows to want to use air conditioning below whole sealing condition. To car air conditioning same also, door is like in use process, car window is shut lax, will make refrigeration effect not beautiful, and wasteful still fuel.

2, direction of empty v a place with a draught is moved at will. Some cars advocate when using air conditioning, adjust the direction with blowy air conditioning carelessly, this goes against the optimal result that produces air conditioning. Sink according to cold air, the principle that hot air rises, right way should be, wind gap will give when opening air conditioning up, blast tuyere will go out to be down when opening central heating.

3, opening air conditioning for long. Some cars advocate often opening air conditioning all the time after getting on a car, but use air conditioning for long to be able to make condenser pressure too great, this meeting causes loss to refrigeration system, because air conditioning is a of engine heavy burden, and engine itself is a calorific body, more fall in high temperature weather what is more,the rather that. Car of a few small quantities is met even below this kind of circumstance phenomenon of occurrence water boil, the influence drove to also reduce air conditioning efficiency. Because this uses air conditioning time to should not be too long every time, if the temperature inside the car has reached comfortable temperature, can put out air conditioning, lie between reopen a little while.

4, the air conditioning temperature with right choice. Be in of course the summer, what a lot of people like to move temperature is very low. Little imagine is moved too lowly when temperature, meeting influence is healthy, so air conditioning temperature is adjusted must appropriate. The temperature with optimum human body is 20 ℃ to 25 ℃ , exceed 28 ℃ , the person can feel fuggy. And under 14 ℃ , the person can feel cold. Accordingly, air conditioning should reach control of the temperature inside the car in 18 ℃ between 25 ℃ , temperature is too low make life easily ill.

5, the summer is started instantly into the car inside circularly. The car is in below burning sun when the time of park is longer, some cars advocate like to start a car immediately open air conditioning circulates inside open, think to be able to let the temperature inside railroad car drop a bit more quickly so. But the temperature outside comparing a car because of the temperature inside the car is high, so such instead the result is bad. Just entered a car inside when, should open a window first ventilated, and open outer circulation, discharge steam go out. After waiting for the temperature inside railroad car to drop, change again inside circularly.

6, opening air conditioning to smoke inside the car. Because smoke inside railroad car, aerosol is discharged at a draught do not go out, stimulate eye and respiratory system, go against health, if smoke, should air conditioning ventilated control is adjusted " eduction " the position, outside making the aerosol inside railroad car discharges dispatch a vehicle.

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