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Frequency conversion is equal to the air conditioning that omit report to transf
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Annual March is heating inactive season mostly, and we live the northerner of the building, wintry spring transfers season can use air conditioning normally or report is warm implement will undertake assisting heating. Gain ground quickly as air conditioning of changes in temperature and the frequency conversion air conditioning that are good at ultralow temperature starting, what use air conditioning heating between Peking Man nowadays is increasing. During the Spring Festival, air conditioning, freezer such " cold " home appliance sells very hotly, impetus of the sale inside period of time also won't come down, this is worn soon was about to come in March, celebrate a festival what kind of air conditioning should we use after all when change garments according to the season? How should use air conditioning?

Transfer season heating uses frequency conversion

Everybody knows, air conditioning can divide the housekeeping money that sells on the market at present to mediate to decide fast sky frequency conversion air conditioning two kinds. Deciding the compressor rotate speed that fast air conditioning uses is certain, when working, refrigeration makes hot ability won't change. Because the principle of air conditioning is the quantity of heat a space carries another space, if because of this refrigeration the ability that make heat won't change, so main for summer refrigeration and the air conditioning deciding frequency of the design, can sell at a discount greatly on the ability that restricts heat in winter.

Relative to character, because the compressor rotate speed of frequency conversion air conditioning is alterable, because this compares calm frequency,air conditioning can get used to working requirement better. Even if is outdoor - 15 ℃ when also can collect the quantity of heat outdoor and send indoor. More what is more,the rather that the weather of Beijing is in mostly recently 0 ℃ above, because the work efficiency of air conditioning of this frequency conversion is opposite,want some taller.

Besides can microtherm is started outside, frequency conversion air conditioning still has a profit is comfortable sex good. 1.5 air conditioning that believe with the sea are exemple, when air conditioning runs with the biggest job frequency, can achieve the working frequency of 130Hz above, that is to say at this moment the heating capacity that the sea believes a frequency changer to be able to export 1.5 machine. If room size is proper, can reach set temperature very quickly, won't resemble deciding frequency air conditioning same, want to blow air cooling first, ability experiences bit of nice and warm to enrage. Next according to set temperature the working rotate speed of self-adjusting compressor and fan rotate speed control output refrigeration or heating capacity, after indoor temperature reachs set temperature, maintain inferior rotate speed automatically to move, realize the accurate control of temperature, fluctuant limits can control its temperature commonly in 1 ℃ less than, avoided to decide frequency air conditioning like stop often machine start.
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