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Air conditioning harbour can technology (harbour can air conditioning) reach ove

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One, air conditioning harbour can technology and overview of its economic benefits
1, air conditioning harbour can the technology is a kind of the most effective ground gets time-sharing electrovalency to differ refrigeration of benefit, economic report or report to make the technology of hot moving charge of electricity. Be in abroad had been a mature technology, at present home is accumulating promotion application in bedding face.
2, the economic benefits that uses air conditioning harbour to be able to arise
Socioeconomy benefit
The peak cereal of electrified wire netting differs the one big characteristic that is contemporary electrified wire netting, harbour can the function that the system has height of move electrified wire netting to use cereal of peak of electrified wire netting of n, balance to differ. As a result of harbour can of the system move the peak fills cereal function, the security that enhanced electrified wire netting runs function, rose to have generate electricity equipment and be defeated deserve to change the efficiency of electric equipment, reduced change distribution loss, reduced those who send distribution to run cost thereby, made full use of cannot reborn resource, its socioeconomy benefit is tremendous. Accordingly, the government encourages the time in trough report energetically paragraph with report.
The user uses air conditioning labor can when acquisition economic benefits
Can reduce moving charge of electricity substantially, reduce management cost. Harbour can the strategy of the system that use phone is: Make in low electrovalency period of time take cold (hot) the quantity stores rise, be used less in period of time of relatively tall electrovalency or need not report, net of heat addition heating releases the energy that store use. The electrovalency comparing of period of time of general peak cereal can amount to 3: 1, 4.5: 1, taller even, the moving charge of electricity that be differred as a result of electrovalency accordingly and saves is amounted to 30% , 70% . And use air conditioning labor can after the technology, mainframe equipment is in store the efficiency photograph when can moving can rise to moving at convention 6% , 8% , total section report leads air conditioning system not under 10% .
In user enlarge the look is transformed or in the center of new clothes refrigeration when air conditioning system, by harbour can means designs a system, because be when height of air conditioning bear, can use the cold quantity that stores beforehand to offer cold, because this need not resemble system of groovy air conditioning to provide lead plane facility by height bear in that way, provide facility of air conditioning lead plane however by round-the-clock average negative charge, systematic installed capacity can decrease amount to 30, 50% . Make thereby by harbour can the system that the system that means designs designs than pressing convention is managing investment expenses.

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