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Economic energy resources saves expense expert to teach you red-letter day of mi
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Clean in the light of summertime family, refrigeration kind wait for home appliance to use the power shortage situation that compares concentration and likelihood to appear, relevant professional of Tianjin power company make section report clew.

Do not unplug report of bad news of electric equipment outlet

Most citizen unplugs to avoid to be inserted often the trouble of electric equipment outlet, or it is to save the setting that uses position to electric equipment, aux would rather make a large number of electric equipment are in for a long time bide one's time condition. Did not look down upon a loss that needs functional waste time, gross also is a not small amount. Needing functional waste time is product of daily expense home appliance is in bide one's time the electric energy below functional condition is used up, want a dweller to specific aim ground takes step only, when using electric equipment for long for instance, might as well dump, pull out plug or use the power source electrical outlet that takes switch, can decrease need functional waste time.

Proposal air conditioning increases one Celsius

1. Air conditioning of choose and buy implement, choose commonly can effect is taller, use computer to control (control of new wind force, best open stop function of control, automatic Morpheus to wait) , compressor uses frequency control;

2. When installation is used, keep away from as far as possible the place with point-blank sunshine, be in favorable ventilated environment;

3. Use air conditioning implement when, unfavorable move temperature too lowly, the temperature that the country recommends summertime set is () of Celsius of 25~26 of guesthouse, restaurant, bazaar, assembly room, celsius of 26~27 of family expenses air conditioning, relative humidity 30%~70% . Every increase air conditioning terminal one Celsius, can drop the negative charge using phone of 7%~10% ;

4. Air conditioning implement the screen pack on face plate should lie between period of time to be checked, if dirt retention is too much, answer to put it in the Wen Shuizhong that does not exceed 45 Celsius to be cleaned clean. Otherwise, mesh eye is blocked up dead, not only wind force of pass in and out decreases, and refrigeration efficiency is low, increase power consumption.

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