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Air conditioning exposes to the sun again in the center of 8 brands of country o
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On May 20 afternoon, WFI of tycoon of air conditioning of an United States is abrupt and high-key release " central air conditioning is energy-saving and enunciative " , call China technology of central air conditioning " section report is not energy-saving " , censure those who hold Chinese market to stabilize share 8 big mistake of direction of technology of manufacturer of central air conditioning, take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure.

   American tycoon to Chinese company launch an attack

WFI it is reported is one of companies of the United States' biggest central air conditioning, enter China only a year. Its release " central air conditioning is energy-saving and enunciative " say, investigation shows, air conditioning is one of large family of specific power consumption in the center of the tradition, issue of pollution of waste of the sources of energy, environment is outstanding, it is with Chongqing and Shanghai only exemple, n calls to occupy whole town to always use n respectively for nothing in the center of 23% with 31.1% . In the meantime, light gas, fuel air conditioning traditionally, earlier investment is large, operation cost is high, and as a result of oneself technology blemish, existing to browbeat to natural, living environment. 2006, beijing winter lights the fee that uses natural gas heating to already was added reach 30 yuan / M2, heating of outclass coal fired 18 yuan / the charge of M2, fuel heating is taller, amount to 50 yuan / M2. In the meantime, fuel and the greenhouse gas that burn the generation that enrage place still have pollution to atmosphere.

WFI " enunciative " point out, solve central sky to increase issue of specific power consumption, the change is offerred can way, use but the sources of energy of second birth cleanness just is essential plan.

The expert inside course of study expresses, of WFI " enunciative " exposed the backside of big fight of air conditioning market is intense technology competition in the center of our country actually. Current, technology of central air conditioning basically has bromine to change lithium to absorb model, cold warm water system, frequency conversion is much more online, almost 3 minutes of the world, but the dissatisfaction that this causes tycoon of American air conditioning. Because be in the United States, what basically use is type of land source hot pump technology of central air conditioning.

It is reported, land source hot pump is in western developed country, already won wide application. Already installed till the United States is current 1000, 000, the plan installs 1 million every year later, will reduce greenhouse gas every year to discharge 1 million tons 3, be equivalent to reducing the contaminant discharge capacity of 1.5 million cars, year managing energy cost amounts to 1 billion dollar. Undoubted, air conditioning tycoon hopes to carry new technology to kill in the center of the United States into Chinese market.
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