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Air conditioning can effect upgrades is imperative enterprise is faced with fina
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Recently, each everybody report sells be in with air conditioning manufacturer sales promotion reduction sale, disappeared from the scene 9 years even exceed low air conditioning emersion market. "The pressure this year is very great, exit suffocate suffocate, can effect doorsill rises also is final issue, inventory pressure achieves the history highest value, and among them 70% above are 45 class can the product that effect compares, this summer these inventory must shipment, can say to had arrived life-and-death hour " , controller of manufacturer of one air conditioning pours bitter water greatly to the reporter.

Low 1P machine reproduces all corners of the country

The reporter understands, at present brand of air conditioning of a gleam of not only did not rise in price, instead with all sorts of sales promotion methods " invisible throw money " . Division force is in China the 1P machine that medium area large area rolls out 1399 yuan and 1299 yuan small 1P machine, and beautiful also specific aim ground rolls out a large number of 1399 yuan 1P machine and 1288 yuan small 1P machine, at the same time of oneself all sorts of returning now, fall continuously and the spot returns the sales promotion strength such as cash aggregate more than 15 % , chasing after while close datival force sells difference also will other 23 lines brand is swung at the back far.

Electric equipment understands reporter Cong Suning, su Ning will throw air conditioning of 1 million special offer market of air conditioning of busy season of the puissant China that start, next direct pulling industry value 20% to 30% brake flood discharge, this becomes an industry possibly also to rise in price for a long time anticipate next only the price of big radian " trough " .

Exit glides increase reserve

Statistical data indicates net of China business affairs first quarter, suffer a RMB to appreciate, exit drawback decreases, the United States second borrow cost of the crisis, raw material to rise wait for macroscopical element influence, empty v mouth is added fast glide. According to Su Ning Cheng Fei of general manager of department of career of electric equipment air conditioning introduces, the air conditioning end March achieves eleven million two hundred and ninety-eight thousand in library quantity, for in recent years top level, stocks of the air conditioning end April predicts to achieve 13 million above, pressure is increased further.

Comparative and apparent is, air conditioning exported a quantity to achieve 5.54 million in March, drop compared to the same period 2% . 1 to the exit Feburary data shows, to American market export volume is 1.097 million, 23.67% what take all export market, than last year the corresponding period drops 32% . Although the export volume growth to other market is apparent, but exit of air conditioning whole glides to already became the fact that does not dispute, this brings about the brand of partial air conditioning with exit higher proportion to face greater inventory pressure directly.
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